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Possibly the Best Disney Vacation Club Value: Concierge Level Animal Kingdom

As former Disney Vacation Club Guides we frequently get asked, where do I get the best bang for my DVC Points.  And of course the answer would be at the DVC Resorts, but at which resort would one get the best value? I would say look no further than Concierge Level Animal Kingdom.  In fact, […]

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DVC Resale Market Answers: What to do with extra DVC points?

Many Disney Vacation Club Members may laugh when they see this title as they often find themselves banking, borrowing and even joking about stealing points to go on vacations. But situations do arise when we’re asked, “I’ve got so all these points that are about to expire. What can I do?”. This question comes up […]

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How do you determine the value of Disney Vacation Club?

Simple, take the purchase price of the DVC points and divide by the number of years you will receive the points to calculate a per individual point price. Then add the cost of the Annual Dues per point to determine the total cost of buying and maintaining a Vacation Club point. Let’s use Animal Kingdom […]

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