Proposed 2021 Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues

Below is a table showing the proposed 2021 annual dues per point for all the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Resorts. Please note, these are only proposed 2021 annual dues, and these proposed dues will have the opportunity for approval at the 2020 Disney Vacation Club Annual Condominium Association Meeting.

What are the changes for the 2021 Annual Dues?

The proposed 2021 increase represents an approximate 5% growth in dues year over year when averaged among all 15 DVC resorts.

The two highest proposed percentage increases were non-Disney World properties, Vero Beach at 10.91% and Hilton Head at 9.58%. The lowest increases were seen at Resorts being sold as “live inventory” directly through DVC like Copper Creek at 1.92%, Riviera at .90% and Aulani at .27%.

DVC dues have been rising over the last several years and most of the increase is being attributed to higher minimum hourly wages. Under the new collective bargaining agreements, the minimum hourly wage for Disney World Cast Members (employees) will be ultimately raised to $15 per hour by October 2021.  This translates to a 50% increase in the minimum hourly rate from 2018 to 2021.  For additional information on DVC budgets, and the new collective bargaining agreement, please visit

Often, when New Members are joining they are weighing the costs of DVC against the alternative. It is only reasonable that the same factors influencing a dues increase will also be influencing the room rates as well. Keep in mind, dues are simply based on the costs to maintain your DVC property and those same costs impact the hotels as well.

Resort2021 Proposed Dues Per Point2020 Dues Per Point*Growth 2020 to 2021
Animal Kingdom$8.07$7.675.27%
Bay Lake Tower$6.90$6.584.91%
Beach Club$7.44$7.065.29%
Boulder Ridge$8.11$7.784.18%
Copper Creek$7.59$7.451.92%
Grand Californian$6.99$6.605.97%
Grand Floridian$6.81$6.563.81%
Hilton Head$9.97$9.109.58%
Old Key West$8.36$7.846.65%
Riviera $8.38$8.310.90%
Saratoga Springs$7.11$6.775.11%
***Vero Beach$11.23$10.1310.91%

* Year over year growth is based on proposed 2021 Annual Dues

** If Aulani was purchased prior to 7/27/2011, the proposed 2021 Annual Dues are $6.28/pt.

*** If Vero Beach was purchased prior to 1/1/1996, the proposed 2021 Annual Dues are $8.86/pt.

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