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To submit your offer, complete the form below. Once we receive and review your offer we will e-mail you a confirmation receipt that your offer has been received. If you have any questions about buying DVC resale, give us a call at 1-844-DVC-PROS (382-7767). To learn more about the buying process before submitting your offer, click here to jump down the page.

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    The Buying Process

    An offer consists of:

    • Per Point Price
    • Confirmation of who is paying closing costs (traditionally buyer pays closing costs due to sellers paying sales commission)
    • Confirmation of who is paying current year’s dues

    We will e-mail you a confirmation receipt that your offer has been received and immediately notify the seller. If there are multiple offers submitted, we will notify all buyers who have submitted offers to provide their best and final offer. When an offer is accepted a contract will be created, and at the time of contract the buyer will be required to send the title company escrow in the amount of 10% of the purchase price up to $2,000 with a minimum of $500. Please note, the closing costs we provide is an estimate provided by the title company. If you are financing it is recommended to obtain financing approval prior to making an offer, however, it is not required.

    It takes approximately 60-90 days for a contract to close. This is typically the time frame because after we receive both Buyer’s and Seller’s signed contract, everything goes to Disney Vacation Club for Right of First Refusal or commonly abbreviated as ROFR. Disney has 30 days to review the contract and decide whether to exercise their right or not. Once approved, Disney sends an estoppel to the title company and the title company then can prepare final documents. After the final documents have been executed and returned (along with the monies due from the Buyer), the contract closes and Disney is notified of the transfer of title. After the contract is closed Disney then makes the final transfer of membership, which takes approximately 2 weeks. Once the new membership is set up by Disney, they will mail you a letter in the mail with your Membership number.

    Please note: Disney Vacation Club points purchased through resale can be used for accommodations at the 14 DVC resorts, as well as for Interval International exchanges. DVC Points purchased through resale, on or after March 21, 2011, cannot be used to make reservations in the Concierge Collection, the Disney Collection or the Adventurer Collection. However, often members will not use their points for those collections due to a lack of economic benefit when compared to use for resorts. Please refer to the Economics: Direct vs. Resale for more detail. Further, as of April 4, 2016, you will not have access to other Disney Vacation Club incidental benefits (also known as Membership Extras) such as Member discounts on dining, shopping, Member-exclusive events, and certain special Member offers. Please refer to our blog discussing these incidental benefits for more detail.