Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a great way to enjoy vacation ownership with Disney through a points based program. Disney always takes experiences to the next level and this is no different with timeshare. DVC provides families with savings and flexibility for Disney vacations as well as thousands of other vacation destinations around the world.

Thinking You’re Ready to Buy DVC? Save With Resales

Purchasing DVC on the resale market can save you thousands of dollars versus purchasing direct. Owners of DVC resale contracts are able to enjoy staying at all 14 of the DVC Resorts, RCI and booking with home resort priority.

What a Disney Vacation Club Membership has to Offer

Disney Vacation Club purchased through resale allows families to vacation at all 14 different DVC resorts as well as thousands of resort options around the world through RCI.

With DVC you are purchasing a deeded real estate interest into one of the 14 different DVC Resorts, and the resort purchased into, is considered your home resort. Each year points are deposited into the Membership on the Use Year date (there are 8 different Use Years). At your home resort you can book 11 months in advance and you can book 7 months in advance at other DVC Resorts. This additional 4 month booking window can be very valuable during busier times of the year (i.e., holidays, spring breaks, etc.) and for resorts that book up quickly due to size and popularity (i.e., Beach Club, Grand Californian, etc.).

Both the points and real estate interest are yours to manage. Members may allow friends and family to use their points, and Members can rent their points. Additionally, Members may will their Membership to their heirs.

With DVC, every vacation can be a once in a lifetime trip. Members not only can stay at different resorts — but they can go after various times of the year and stay in different size of accommodations as well. From a DVC Point Chart you will see that quieter times of the year require less points and busier times of the year require more points. Also, smaller rooms will require less points and bigger rooms will require more points. To make reservations a Member can use their online account or call Member Services at 1-800-800-9800.

How to Buy a DVC Resale

The buying process for DVC resales can be summarized in the following steps:

1. Determine the contract that’s right for your family

DVC contracts can vary by:
Home Resort
Point size
Point availability

These factors can determine price too. The resort you purchase into provides you with home resort priority, meaning an 11 month booking window versus a 7 month booking window at other DVC Resorts.

The point size is the amount of points you will receive each year until the deed expires. You may want to refer to a DVC Point Chart in determining the right point amount or consult with a Team Member from the DVC Resale Market.

Your DVC annual dues per point are based on the resort you purchase into, so the resort you pick and amount of points at that resort determines your total annual amount of dues. Point availability refers to the amount of points currently on the contract (i.e., points banked, current and borrowed).

2. Find the contract you are interested in purchasing

Browse all DVC Market Listings. New contracts are always being listed, so if we do not have what you are looking for please download the DVC Resale Market Notifier App.

3. Set up financing if necessary

The company most commonly used for financing a Florida-based DVC resale purchase is Monera Financial. Moreover, they provide loans based on the collateral and not your credit. So the approval is quick and simple. They have loan terms for up to 10 years with no pre-payment penalty.

For financing a non-FL based DVC resale purchase please see options with Vacation Club Loans and Timeshare Lending.

4. Make an offer

Click on a desktop or tap on a mobile device into the listing detail page and complete the offer form, or you can call the DVC Resale Market Team at 1-844-DVC-PROS (382-7767)

5. Contract is processed

Once terms have been agreed upon, a contract is created by DVC Resale Market’s Contract Management Team.

After all parties have signed, the Contract Management Team submits all necessary documents to DVC to the right of first refusal process (ROFR).

Right of first Refusal (ROFR) is a 30 day period Disney has to decide if they want to purchase any resale contract at the already agreed upon terms.

In 2016, DVC exercised ROFR on approximately 6% of the contracts sold by DVC Resale Market, and approximately, 94% of the contracts sold by DVC Resale Market were waived by Disney.

6. Contract is closed

Assuming the contract is waived by Disney, closing documents are prepared by the title company once they receive the estoppel from Disney (usually takes 2-3 weeks after being waived). Once closing documents are returned along with the buyer’s funds, the contract is closed.

7. You’re officially part of Disney Vacation Club

The points are transferred by Disney, and the buyer is officially “Welcomed Home” and ready to start planning vacations!

For additional questions about DVC and buying DVC resales, please contact the friendly professionals at the DVC Resale Market.

About Buying with DVC Resale Market

The professionals at the DVC Resale Market are happy to assist you in the DVC resale buying process. The DVC Resale Market Team of agents consist of exclusively former DVC Guides.

Combined the DVC Resale Market’s Team has over 100 years of Direct DVC Experience and is the largest exclusive re-seller of Disney Vacation Club, welcoming home nearly 1,600 Member families in 2016.

With their extensive understanding and knowledge, the team at the DVC Resale Market is prepared to provide the best possible experience in the DVC Resales industry for buyers when purchasing DVC resale.

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