Have purchased several contracts through DVC Resale Market and have had a top-notch experience every time. Not only do they have the best agents, but they also have by far the best technology/website and the largest inventory. Also love their data transparency on their blog. I've tried several times to purchase from other sites, and every single experience has been awful....agents presenting my offer inaccurately, agents who only talk on the phone and refuse to email, websites that have unclear listings and incomplete offer forms, even an agent who refused to present my offer to their seller client. Have never had a single issue like that with DVC Resale Market. I have no ties or connections to them other than as a customer, but my customer experiences here have all been so great that I love this company! Special shout-out to Marissa, our incredibly helpful, responsive, friendly and hard-working agent!
- Blake T.
DVC Resale Market Client 2021
I love buying resale contracts through DVC Resale Market. I have worked with Derek DeBoer three times to purchase three small contracts that I wanted. It has been easy and seamless.
- Heather C.
DVC Resale Market Client 2020
Purchased a DVC resale through Karen and had a flawless and easy transaction. A pleasure to talk and deal with. Highly recommend!!!!
- James C.
DVC Resale Market Client 2020
Just closed on our 1st contract and could not be more excited! Andy Berry and the whole DVC Resale Market team made this so easy. We will definitely be back in the future for more points.
- Val E.
DVC Resale Market Client 2020
Marissa and the DVC Resale Market Team were fantastic to work with. The whole process was quick and easy. I was kept up to date with every step and detail. I will definitely work with this company again for any future purchase's.
- Laura S.
DVC Resale Market Client 2020
Andy Berry was an absolute pleasure to work with. We were never in the dark about what was going and all questions were answered promptly. We will definitely use DVC Resale Market if we purchase another contract.
- Brett W.
DVC Resale Market Client 2020
Fantastic working with DVC Resale and Andy Berry in particular. Extremely knowledgeable, helpful and patient throughout the process. So much so that we purchased multiple contracts within a few weeks time and May very well purchase another. Andy was also very responsive and attentive, even beyond offer acceptance. We never felt like just a number or another client. “You’ve got a friend in me” with Andy. Thank you for all your help through the process.
- Tiffany P.
DVC Resale Market Client 2020
Andy was fantastic to work with, he is very familiar with the process and answered all of the questions we had in a timely manner. If we ever get more points, we will be back. Thank you so much for all the help. Highly recommended.
- Spencer S.
DVC Resale Market Client 2020
We were current DVC members and were looking to add additional points to our holding. We worked with Andy Berry. He answered all of our questions throughly and in a timely manner. The entire process was seamless. We will for sure be purchasing more. Thank you!!!
- Marnie N.
DVC Resale Market Client 2020
Our family has been dealing with Scott Kauffman at DVC Resale Market for several years. We love Disney and have bought and sold many contracts through Scott and can honestly say we have never met anyone who works harder for his/her clients. Scott is a tireless worker. He is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the DVC resale market and always provides valuable insight. We have been working together so long and so well that we actually consider Scott a friend. That said, he is also the consummate professional when it comes to conducting business. The entire team at DVC Resale Market is absolutely terrific, but given the number of transactions Scott has helped us with, we wanted to be sure to mention him by name and give him the credit he deserves for being the best we have ever seen!
- Andy L.
DVC Resale Market Client 2020