The DVC Resale Market Notifier App offers alerts of new and reduced listings within minutes to our customers.  If the contract you are looking for is not currently available at DVC Resale Market please download the App and set the applicable criteria for what you are looking for such as resort(s), size of contract (point amount), use year(s) and maximum price per point.  Once that criteria is set, you will be notified within minutes of any new listing meeting that criteria being posted on DVC Resale Market.

Please check the site prior to downloading the App for any particular contract you may be looking for as the notifier App is intended to show you new and reduced listings from the time you download the App forward.  So, if the contract you want is already listed prior to you downloading the App, it will not show up in your feed.  Please click here to view our current DVC resale listings.

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Set your criteria and receive notifications of new listings within minutes of them being listed at the DVC Resale Market.

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