There are many reasons to join Disney Vacation Club (DVC). Members enjoy a vacation home experience and can receive the benefits of staying on property (i.e., Extra Magic hours, complimentary parking, etc.).

However, a key reason many will join is because of the economic benefit. DVC offers incredible value on our portfolio of resorts—often 50 percent less than rental rates.

Economics of DVC

Click on the video below for a look at the economics of a DVC resort stay.

Often, Members will break even on their DVC purchase within five to seven trips. And typically, when buying Disney Vacation Club resale, that break-even happens even sooner as the purchase price can be significantly less than buying direct.

Other key economic benefits include the following:

  • Members do not pay resort sales tax, which can provide a savings over renters who must pay the prevailing state and local hotel tax. In Orange County, Florida where Walt Disney World is located, the current hotel tax is 12.5 percent.
  • Members pay no currency exchange on their points. Points used in foreign countries through an Interval International exchange are not subject to change in currencies.
  • Members enjoy a “legacy factor” as membership may be passed on within a family, allowing future generations to enjoy the same savings.

So Membership makes Great Sense for the Comforts and the Savings, but Why Buy Resale?

DVC Resale Market can often save you thousands of dollars on the purchase price. We encourage Members and potential new Members to compare for themselves as the savings can be tremendous.

How does DVC resale work?

DVC resale works by allowing people to purchase contracts for typically lower prices than buying directly from Disney. Below is a table comparing the current prices per point of purchasing DVC through resale versus direct.

Resort Resale
(Based on
February ’24 Sales)
(Disney Vacation Development)
Difference Per Point
(Direct – Resale)
Percentage Savings with Resale
Animal Kingdom $107 $210 $103 49%
Aulani $102 $225 $123 55%
Bay Lake Tower $132 $275 $143 52%
Beach Club $128 $275 $147 53%
Boardwalk $116 $240 $124 52%
Boulder Ridge $103 $215 $112 52%
Copper Creek $135 $250 $115 46%
Grand Californian $278 $310 $32 10%
Grand Floridian $164 $230 $66 29%
Hilton Head $62 $165 $103 62%
Old Key West $85 $205 $120 59%
Old Key West – Ext $115 $205 $90 44%
Polynesian $156 $250 $94 38%
Riviera Resort $126 $225 $99 44%
Saratoga Springs $104 $205 $101 49%
Vero Beach $57 $150 $93 62%

*Direct price does not reflect any promotional discounts DVC may be offering. Click here to view resale restrictions. 

Restrictions with Resale Contracts

Since March 21, 2011 Disney has had restrictions on using points from resale purchases for Disney Cruises, Disney Hotels that are not DVC villas, Adventures by Disney and the Concierge Collection. It should be noted that Disney Vacation Club considers these options to be “incidental benefits” of Membership and reserves the right to discontinue them at any time, regardless of how the membership is purchased.

Importantly, the exchange rate for points outside of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts does not carry the same value. A great example is a Disney Cruise Line vacation. Guests may actually pay more for a Disney Cruise using points than just paying cash. And for this very reason, the savings of purchasing resale outweigh the restrictions for many guests.  Through our partners at DVC Rental Store, we are able to provide DVC members with many new ways to use and swap their vacation points.  Travel to the beach, Universal Orlando Resort, and more for an incredible value!

Click on the video below to learn more about all of the ways you can use your DVC points for a fraction of the cost charged by Disney!

If your only DVC purchase is a resale contract purchased after April 4, 2016, you will not receive certain incidental benefits (also known as Membership Extras), such as Member discounts on dining, shopping, Member-exclusive events and certain special Member offers. Please refer to our blog discussing these incidental benefits for more detail.

Effective January 19, 2019, only Members who purchase directly from Disney will be able to use their Vacation Points at the 14 existing Disney Vacation Club Resorts or future Resorts—such as Disney’s Riviera Resort or The Villas at the Disneyland Hotel. Resale contracts purchased for the existing 14 Disney Vacation Club Resorts will only be able to exchange Points into those 14 Resorts (DVC Resorts Opened Prior to 2019, commonly known as the Classic 14 DVC Resorts).  For more details, please see, New DVC Resale Restrictions and Who is Most Impacted.

For additional questions regarding the economics of buying DVC and buying DVC Resale, please call our friendly, professional experts at 1-844-DVC-PROS (382-7767).