Yes, selling a Disney Vacation Club contract is possible. Not only that, DVC memberships often yield a stronger resale value than many other timeshare brands. 

Selling your DVC Resale doesn’t have to be difficult: The DVC Resale Market Team sells more DVC resales than anyone else in the industry, and the sales team consist of exclusively former Disney Vacation Club Guides, all trained by Disney to sell the DVC brand. 

Choosing a DVC Resale Broker

When selling a Disney Vacation Club contract one of the most important decisions is choosing a DVC Resale Broker.  This is important as the developer, Disney Vacation Club, does not have a resale department, and selling DVC yourself can pose risks and challenges.  The risks can be numerous if your contract has not been created by an attorney and you do not have professional liability insurance to protect from civil lawsuits in the event a disagreement occurs and escalates.  Additionally, DVC is a unique product full of various details, so much so, that DVC requires all Disney Vacation Club sales guides have six weeks of training before they can speak with a guest.    

What to look for in a DVC Resale Broker:

Licensed and insured:

It is important they carry a real estate license, especially a Florida license as the vast majority of DVC contracts sold are based out of Florida.  Also, be sure they carry professional liability insurance (PLI) to protect against civil lawsuits.

History of proven resale experience:

Make sure the DVC Resale Broker provides a history of how many listings they have had for sale and how many they have sold in recent months and recent years to ensure they have the proven experience necessary to sell your DVC contract.

Strong presence on Google:

Especially for keywords a buyer would search such as “dvc resale” and “dvc resale listings”.  Your broker needs to be one of the first options to maximize your exposure.

Robust social media presence:

Many buyers are on social media, especially Facebook asking questions about DVC and how it works. Make certain your broker has the ability to reach them.

Direct DVC experience in knowing how to sell DVC to potential buyers:

DVC provides one of the most elite and professional counselor sales programs in the world.  Only former DVC guides would have been through this training to be able to explain all the nuances of the DVC program and provide the necessary comfort level to buyers to maximize all sale possibilities.

About Selling with DVC Resale Market

The DVC Resale Market Team of agents consist of exclusively former DVC Guides that are happy to assist you with the selling your DVC contract. Combined, the DVC Resale Market’s Team has over 95 years of Direct DVC Experience and is the largest exclusive re-seller of Disney Vacation Club, selling nearly 1,600 contract in 2016. 

With that amount of experience direct and resale, the team at the DVC Resale Market is prepared to provide the best service and expertise for those wanting to sell their DVC contract(s).  For more information on why choose the DVC Resale Market when selling DVC, please see the following: Why DVC Resale Market.

Getting Started Selling your DVC Membership

DVC Resale Market offers three options to get the selling process started:

Estimate your DVC Contract’s Value:

This is a patent pending tool that will provide an instant online estimate of your contract’s value.  Start here, if you are just curious about what your contract may be worth or want to know the value before you begin the selling process.

Request to List your DVC Contract:

Complete a form with basic contract and contact information and the DVC Resale Market Team will contact you to get the selling process started. This is a great place to start if you already know you are ready to sell your DVC contract.

Choose to Receive an Instant Sale Quote:

This will provide you an immediate offer for your DVC contract, and the closing process will begin.  The offer will not be as high as the market price DVC Resale Market would recommend listing the contract for, but the sale will be instant with no time spent waiting for offers.

Regardless of the option you choose, DVC Resale Market will be there for you every step of the way. DVC Resale Market’s Contract Management Team includes a former DVC Quality Assurance Manager and former DVC Resale Administrator.  With this experience and knowledge, the DVC Resale Market can make the selling of your DVC contract as efficient and seamless as possible.

How long will my DVC contract take to sell?

Over 90% of DVC Resale Market’s listings sell within 30 days and that is DVC Resale Market’s goal.  If your contract is not sold in that timeframe a price reduction may be recommended, but of course is not required.  Once an offer is presented and terms are agreed upon a contract is created by the DVC Resale Market Administration Team.  Once signed by all parties, the contract is submitted to Disney and the closing process started. 

The closing process takes about 60-90 days.  That time period includes Disney’s right of first refusal, time for the title company to receive Disney’s estoppel, the title company preparing and sending out closing documents, both parties returning closing documents and necessary funds to close and Disney making a final transfer of points.   

Timeline of Reselling Your Disney Vacation Club Membership

When selling your DVC contract with DVC Resale Market, the following is a timeline of what to expect: 

  1. Choose your getting started option —  Request to List, Estimate Value or Instant Sale — or simply call us at 1-844-DVC-PROS (382-7767).
  2. DVC Resale Market assists you, “the seller”, in response to your online or phone request to get the process started.
  3. Seller accepts an offer that is acceptable to them.
  4. The contract is submitted to Disney for 30 day Right of First Refusal (ROFR) review. ROFR is a 30 day period Disney has to decide if they want to purchase any resale contract at the already agreed upon terms. 
  5. Disney responds during the ROFR period with either purchasing the contract or waiving it.  In 2016, DVC exercised ROFR on approximately 6% of the contracts sold by DVC Resale Market, and approximately, 94% of the contracts sold by DVC Resale Market were waived by Disney.
  6. Closing documents are prepared by the title company if waived or by Disney if they purchased in ROFR.
  7. DVC contract is closed, deed is recorded in county records and Disney makes a final transfer of points.
  8. You as the seller, receive your proceeds from the sale! 

For additional questions about the selling process of a DVC contract, please contact the friendly professionals at the DVC Resale Market