In the chart below, the first column shows the proposed 2022 Disney Vacation Club (DVC) annual dues per point for all 15 DVC Resorts.  The second column shows the year-over-year change in annual dues expressed as a percentage.  Finally, the third column shows the percentage average yearly change in annual dues since each DVC Resort’s inception.

DVC annual dues consist of property taxes as well as the cost to maintain the property.  As a DVC owner, you pay annual dues based on the home resort you purchase.  For example, if you own 100 points at Animal Kingdom and 100 points at Bay Lake Tower, your annual dues would be calculated as follows:  100 points x $8.24 = $824 for Animal Kingdom AND 100 points x $7.08 = $708 for Bay Lake Tower.  Owning 100 points at each resort would bring the total annual dues to $824 + $708 = $1,532.

Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues for 2022 and Changes Overtime

Resort 2022 Annual Dues2021 Annual DuesGrowth 2021 to 2022Inception to Date CAGR*
Animal Kingdom$8.24$8.072.0%3.9%
Bay Lake Tower$7.08$6.902.7%5.2%
Beach Club$7.54$7.441.3%3.6%
Boulder Ridge$8.15$8.110.5%4.1%
Copper Creek$7.60$7.590.2%0.7%
Grand Californian$7.48$6.997.0%5.2%
Grand Floridian$7.01$6.812.9%2.9%
Hilton Head$10.07$9.971.0%6.9%
Old Key West$8.81$8.365.4%4.4%
Riviera Resort$8.38$8.380.0%0.6%
Saratoga Springs$7.33$7.113.1%3.7%
Vero Beach***$11.94$11.236.3%4.9%

*Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is the year over year growth rate of the dues over a multiple-year period
**Aulani Contracts that originated pre-July 6th, 2011 have dues in 2022 of $6.52/pt.
***Vero Contracts that originated pre-January 1st, 1996 have dues in 2022 of $9.41/pt.