More than 30 years ago the Walt Disney Company launched the Disney Vacation Club bringing the world a great way to enjoy vacation ownership with Disney.

DVC as it became known has grown to a portfolio of 16 world class resorts. There are 11 unique properties throughout Walt Disney World, also 2 at Disneyland California, and coastal resorts in Vero Beach Florida, Hilton Head Island in South Carolina and on the shores of Oahu in Ko Olina Hawaii. As a Vacation Club Member you may experience them all.

Disney’s program is revolutionary as it is based on the purchase of a deeded real estate interest but is expressed to members annually in the form of an allotment of vacation points. These vacation points are used as currency to provide unprecedented flexibility when making reservations.

The number of points you wish to purchase is simply a matter of desired vacation stay time vs your budget. More points equals more nights of vacation and / or larger accommodations. Memberships can suit virtually every budget, and the number of points a member has can be increased in the future by purchasing additional points known as adding on. The number of points a member has can also be decreased by selling contracts.  Points can also be rented.  If you are looking to rent out points you own or looking to rent someone else’s points we recommend visiting our friends at the DVC Rental Store.



Membership presents an exceptional value as it provides the comforts of a vacation home in a deluxe resort at fraction of the costs. There are four costs associated with membership:

    • The first cost is a one-time purchase price, which can vary depending on resort (please refer to our  DVC listings page to view purchase prices).
    • The second cost is dues. Dues include both maintenance and property taxes and dues will vary based on resort. It’s important to note that the costs of dues are strictly to maintain the resort properties and there is no profit allowed to be made with dues (please refer to our DVC Annual Dues page for more details).
    • Closing costs typically range from $699 to $1,219 depending on the resort and purchase price. If purchase price is $42,000 or higher please call for a quote. If financing, additional fees will range from $200-$275.
    • $95 exchange fee whenever the DVC membership is used outside of the DVC Resorts.

Typically, when purchasing a DVC Resale members will break-even in approximately 3-5 years. Please refer to the economics of DVC Resale for more details.


Deeded Real Estate

Membership is based on a deeded real estate interest in one of the condominiums at a DVC resort. Where you purchase into becomes known as your home resort and provides you with a reservation priority window.

Home resorts may be reserved as far as 11 months in advance of your stay while all of the other DVC resorts may be reserved at 7 months in advance. The smaller and more desirable a resort is the more valuable the Home Resort Priority becomes since you have the advantage to book it before the general Membership can.

Membership is valid for a term of up to 50 years. The current resort deed terms vary from the year 2042 to 2074.



Members may use the membership themselves, allow friends or family to use it, rent it, sell the membership and even will it to their heirs.

The annual allotment of points are deposited into a members account on an anniversary date known as a Use Year. Points may be used in part or whole each year and any unused points may be banked or saved to use the next year and if you are short points to make a reservation up to the entire allotment may be borrowed from next year and spent this year. This makes the maximum allocation of points for 1 reservation 3 times the annual allotment if you bank, receive and borrow all at the same time.

Using points is very flexible and simple. Members may reserve a vacation at the DVC resorts any of the 365 days in a year. The year is divided into seasons reflecting how busy the property will be. Quieter seasons use fewer points to stay per night while busier seasons use more. You may reserve a vacation when you like and it can be different every year. There are multiple villa types ranging from a studio which is 20-30% larger than a typical hotel room to a 1 bedroom villa for up to 4-5 guests, 2 bedroom villas for up to 8-10 guests all the way up to a grand villa which can be as large as 2800 square feet and accommodate 12 guests. Smaller villas use less points per night while larger villas use more. You decide which size accommodation suit your needs on a per trip basis. One year you can stay in a studio for 4 next year a 2 bedroom for up to 9.

You stay by the night, and as you might expect week nights use less points than weekend nights. You may stay as little as one night or as many as your points allow. You may stay multiple times a year or even book multiple rooms at the same time. Check in is any day of the week so if airfare is a better deal on Tuesday then you can arrive then.

Disney Vacation Club provides the opportunity and the leverage to exchange your points to travel to more than 4,000 villa locations around the world through RCI. Due to the demand for Disney properties the value of traveling the globe is even better than staying at a DVC resort by using fewer points for the same type of 1 or 2 bedroom vacation homes.

Disney Vacation Club also offers the ability to use points for Disney Cruises, Adventures by Disney and a Concierge Collection. The ability to use points for these collections is considered an incidental benefit, which can be taken away at any time. Any points associated on contracts purchased through resale after March 20, 2011 would be prohibited from being used with these three collections. Often, members will not use their points for those collections as points have a higher and better value when used for DVC Resorts and Interval International exchanges. Please refer to economics of DVC resale for more detail.


For Further Details

For further details on DVC, DVC properties and the incredible savings opportunity of becoming a Member through Resale contact the friendly, professional experts at the DVC Resale Market 1-844-DVC PRO (382-7767).