The best. We researched several companies and fortunately chose DVC Resale. They are fully transparent and stayed on the timeline that is listed in their FAQs. They advised me as if I were a part of their family - ensuring that we did not set the price too low, etc. They tried several ways to reach me to ensure the deal went through around 10pm on a weekend night. After that, the back-end of the office takes over and they were so professional. They have thought about every thing each step of the way. I honestly did not know it could be so easy to sell back a DVC membership. We had out grown our membership with our family, but selling it via the amazing team at DVC (Nick, Marie, and Kristina) was probably one of the smoothest transactions we have had. Their integrity through the whole process was truly amazing. Thank you DVC Resale and without any hesitation this is the only place to buy or sell your membership - they know all the in's and out's that you need to navigate something as complex as this contract.
- Banu S.
DVC Resale Market Client 2018