@Derek DeBoer has been helping my husband and me find the "perfect fit" contract for about a month now. We were somewhat knowledgeable about DVC in general but our crazy and newbie questions in regards to resale purchasing and actual real-life experiences of DVC ownership have all been answered quickly. Not only this, but they are easy-to-understand answers from Derek, and he's been wonderful in keeping up with our ever-changing "perfect fit". We haven't even purchased or offered yet, but for a couple with 5 kids, we're trying to find the best option for our family. We don't travel at the "typical" times and we don't plan a year ahead or more, yet Derek still has found the answers or resources to help us feel comfortable. He's 100% not pushy but always keeping us in mind, letting us know when something that's on our "wants" list comes up. It has been very impactful for us to have found a company willing to go the extra mile even before we have gotten completely serious and made an offer. Thanks, DVC Resale Market, for having amazing people (Derek) on your team, so that you can attract amazing clientele!
- Becky W.
DVC Resale Market Client 2018