I normally (translate: never) do this, but both Carol & I feel the exception had to made. We're going to be using our DVC membership (Animal Kingdom) for the first time this week (Jan. 9-15) to celebrate my 70th birthday (Jan. 11), as well as bring our 32 year old niece for her FIRST visit to WDW in 22 years. This is especially exciting because as I write this, we're watching the snow pile up-an expected 6-8 inches here on the New Jersey coast...Monday can't get here soon enough!! Don't know who's more excited!! None of this would have been possible if it weren't for tireless and caring efforts of Mike and Kristina, who held our hand, guided us through the process, and were there for us every step of the way with both our DVC contracts. NOT ONCE were we ever treated as anything less than family or at the very least, close lifelong friends. No question was ever too menial to be addressed, and we were always advised of every step of the process. Both Carol and I feel we would never have been able to embark on this wonderful adventure if we hadn't been fortunate enough to discover DVC Resale Market, and connected with Mike and Kristina. Please know that both of us ALWAYS refer your firm -and Mike- whenever anyone asks us about DVC, and will gladly continue to be your "unofficial southern New Jersey DVC Resale Market referral agents." Thank you, thank you, thank you again, and may you and your families-both professional and personal- have a health, happy, and prosperous New Year. Bob and Carol
- Bob A.
DVC Resale Market Client 2016