To any future client of DVC Resale Market☺ Jodi Gross is the lady to contact. She and her brokerage are excellent, very professional, extremely nice but very efficient towards their clients expectations and needs, sellers and buyers alike. I am in the residential real estate industry myself with Century 21, and knowing the levels of expectations from my clients, when I became the client with Jodi, she and her brokerage way exceeded my own expectations; no question. My DVC membership was listed and under contract within 2 days, the buyer defaulted part way through the transaction, but with the direct help of Jodi she managed to rescue the deal and she got the same buyer back on board, and got my transaction successfully closed soon thereafter! The time frames with dealing with Disney are totally out of the control of Jodi and her team, but knowing this up front with a policy of full disclosure to sellers and buyers, everyone in the transaction knows from the start what to expect and when! Like I’ve said, an excellent company to either list with or buy from, excellent 1st class service, and nice people who are real & not fake! I have no hesitation in recommending them to my clients looking to sell or buy DVC membership points, and I know my referred clients and friends are in the best hands possible in this industry. Anyone wanting to verify my review with me personally, feel free to call me on my cell 407-361-0501 and I’ll be happy to talk/communicate with you. Thank you. Respectfully yours, Chris
- Chris G.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016