I was looking for 100 resale points at SSR because I was already a direct DVC owner at BLT. Just looking for something inexpensive that I could add onto my existing membership. I kept an eye out on contracts on the app and on their web-site. I hooked up with Marissa on an online Chat who helped me with a contract I was interested in buying. It only took a few emails back and forth and we got the offer accepted. From their we got the ROFR, payments, and closing. From simple process. The thing that I liked the most was the good communication with the different people that I dealt with at DVC Resale during the entire process -- they always kept me informed of what was happening and when I should expect each step in the process to be complete. Thanks Marissa and the DVC Resale team for making this purchase an enjoyable process.
- Doug K.
DVC Resale Market Client 2018