Thank you Derek DeBoer and the team at DVC Resale Market. the website is great, I highly recommend that buyers and sellers read their very informative blogs. I recently completed a Dvc contract purchase, and while I struck out twice (Disney executed their ROFR twice), the third time was a charm. Derek was great throughout the process, and Kristina and Janon were great to work with. Melissa from Magic Title Vacations was excellent as well. They have this process very well established and they take care of all the real work for you! just follow their instructions to the letter, ask all the questions you like (I sure did) and they will happily give you a fulsome answer. It was well worth it for us, as I ended up getting my DVC for about 60% of what it would have cost if I bought it directly from Disney. we weren't concerned about the limitations of buying resale outside of Disney. the 14 original Dvc properties are all we wanted anyway! Super happy and super excited to start using those points!
- Fil G.
DVC Resale Market Client 2019