Our family researched most of the DVC Resale offers. We had many questions about them, and the DVC Resale Market staff provided us with answers which were most helpful. We eventually purchased not one but two properties at the Polynesian. Ms Jodi Gross and Mr Andy Berry were our sales agents. Great conversationalists, knowledgeable agents, and just outstanding people . . . they were instrumental in our purchase. We began using one of our contracts . . . purchased five nights for just under 100 points . . . then checked what the nightly charges for the rooms would have been . . . $4400 for the five nights, and is for one year. We can make those same reservations for the next 45-50 years. Thank you, Ms Jodi, Mr Andy, and the entire DVC Resale Market.
- Joe H.
DVC Resale Market Client 2020