Thanks so much! You guys are so fast and easy to work with!
- Pam J.
DVC Resale Market Client 2018
What a fabulous experience working with Marissa Moolman in my search for Disney Vacation Club options. She is personable, knowledgeable, and a super fun person to work with. I highly recommend you call her for anything you are interested in and watch her get to work for you.
- Kathy B.
DVC Resale Market Client 2018
I am currently working with Nick Cotton as well. He has answered every question I’ve asked promptly and completely. I submitted my offer through the DVC Resale Market website on a late Sunday morning. By mid-afternoon, he’d already contacted the owners about my bid. One counteroffer later, and it was a done deal. Took less than 4 hours from the time I entered my bid on the website. On a Sunday. Wow. I have also had great service with Brenda Smith at Magic Vacation Title getting all the legal documents completed. Disney themselves took 14 days on ROFR I think, and estoppel took 22 days. Nick and Brenda have completed their part of the work usually by next day. Never more than 2 full business days. They have it down to a science.
- Jason B.
DVC Resale Market Client 2018
We had an awesome experience of buying resale. We went through DVC Resale Market. We were kept informed of the process and was completed within a 2 month period. There's no guarantee of how long it takes because there are several steps in the process that take time, ROFR being one of them. We purchased direct and then got our 2nd contract as resale and very happy with the process of both purchases.
- Stacy M.
DVC Resale Market Client 2018
Wow, thanks! This quick turnaround is one of the many things I love about doing business with your company :)
- Kerrijo P.
DVC Resale Market Client 2018
Thank you. The process has been great! So easy and seamless. I appreciate your help.
- Janet H.
DVC Resale Market Client 2018
We recently purchased resale. I spent a great deal of time on the website of DVC Resale Market and learned a lot. Check out their videos and blogs. I highly recommend this company if you decide to purchase resale. Mike Collier was super to work with.
- Bill B.
DVC Resale Market Client 2017
I bought from Nick Cotton and had a wonderful experience with him. I bought in 2014 at SSR. He made it such an easy and good experience. He was very professional but also personable. Everything was done over the phone and through the computer. He was always available to answer my questions and also give me pointers on how it all works and what would be best for me. I found him to be honest and a gentelman. If you want to buy that is where I suggest you buy from. DVC Resale Market is the name of the company.
- Mary Z.
DVC Resale Market Client 2014
We used your company [DVC Resale Market] to sell several contracts last year. Fabulous service - got good prices and quick closings. Would definitely list with you again.
- Eileen N.
DVC Resale Market Client 2017
Kevin. Thank you. You and your staff have made what we thought was going to be a challenge a very easy experience. Please use us as a reference when if/when needed.
- Darryl W.
DVC Resale Market Client 2018