Alrighty Jodi, After contacting a few people, there is really no comparison – you’re much more awesome. Let’s do this – please let us know what information you need from us in order to proceed with the listing
- Jack and Elizabeth F.
DVC Resale Market Client
Kevin, just wanted to say thank you for your help selling our DVC, I really appreciate all that you did and how quick and painless you made this process. I don’t think my wife and I could have hoped for a better outcome. Thanks again for all your help.
- Andrew P.
DVC Resale Market Client
The only thing I know is that in 2010 my family bought points from Nick Cotton . He was our guide from Disney at the time. Anyway I had always thought timeshares where are scam and a waste if money. Well boy was I wrong and Nick took the time to show me. Not only that I never felt pressure or anything. Well thanks to Nick my family and I have had the best vacations ever. This year we are booked for Aulani and we just can't wait. Thank you Nick!!!
- Charles M. Jr.
Disney Vacation Club Member Since 2010
Yea!!! It sold quicker than I expected and for $1/point more than expected in less than 30 days!
- Cathy Z.
DVC Resale Market Client
This company [DVC Resale Market] is awesome! Kevin is amazing.
- Teketta W.
DVC Resale Market Client
Thanks Nick for taking the time to help me understand how the resale works for the DVC resale. I really appreciated you taking the time to explain and help us achieve what we are trying to do.
- Cathy G.
DVC Resale Market Client
I bought through Disney.. sold through DVC Resale Market and will buy again through DVC Resale Market. Wow, they were awesome.
- Jeremy R.
DVC Resale Market Client
Thank you all for your assistance. This has been a difficult thing for me to do, however all of your kindness and professionalism has been greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much.
- Pam V.
DVC Resale Market Client
Jodi, We just wanted to send you a “thank you” for helping us through our first DVC purchase. We greatly appreciate all your help and communications along the way. We are going to be using our first nights next week and can’t wait!
- Dean and Jennifer C.
DVC Resale Market Client
I just wanted to let you know that our Disney resale process has been flawless. I had real doubts as to what you could actually pull off based on your projections. Every step of the way has been handled professionally and efficiently. The staff and support people have preformed their jobs perfectly. The situation we found ourselves in that prompted us to sell at this time is being resolved as a result of the sales and we will be able to move forward toward retirement without futures concerns. As we move forward, I can see us re-buying DVC interests down the road. We had 15 wonderful years of world travel that never would have been possible without the DVC ownership interest. Thank you again for the prompt and professional service.
- Gary and Mary G.
DVC Resale Market Client