We are currently in the closing documents phase through dvcresalemarket.com. They have been wonderful and very helpful.
- Karyn T.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
Thank you Mike. You’ve been wonderful to work with and couldn’t have made the process any easier!
- Darren W.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
We just bought a second resale contract from DVC Resale Market in January. Fastest transaction ever. It went crazy smooth.
- Pamela M.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
Awesome customer service. Nick was very helpful throughout the process. Saved thousands of dollars over buying direct from DVC. Just booked my first reservation today!
- Dana W.
DVC Resale Market Client
It has been our pleasure to work with you [Jodi]. You have been wonderful and have made this such a fast and smooth process. I will absolutely use you for our future DVC purchases. I can’t thank you enough for everything – especially talking to me and helping to put me at ease during the resale DVC change drama 2 weeks ago. You really are the best. Thanks so much!
- Cathy G.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
I just purchased through Nick at DVC Resale Market and had a great experience. To be honest, I wasn’t choosy about who I bought the contract from, I was more interested in finding the right contract for our needs. It just so happened that Nick had one listed, we bid and had our offer accepted. But the service from Nick and his team was excellent; he always answered my questions in a timely manner and his partners kept us in the loop every step of the way. I’m not planning to add on any time soon, but someday down the road if I do want to buy again I wouldn’t hesitate to go through Nick.
- Leigh Ann S.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
We just finished buying a contract at Animal Kingdom. We worked with Sue Saunders and she was awesome. She explained the process from beginning to end and it all fell into place just as she said. Two months two days from start to finish. Way faster then we ever expected. You guys are great! Thanks Sue.
- Joe and Terri F.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
Thank you so much Jodi!! We are very excited! Thank you for working with us on this and making it a very smooth and easy process. We will definitely refer anyone we know interested in DVC resale directly to you ! Have a great summer!
- Jen and Mike S.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
Thanks very much and thanks to everyone there for such a great job and making this whole process so easy! I will certainly be recommending you to anyone interested in buying or selling Disney Vacation Club.
- Jean Z.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
Our experience with DVC resale market has been wonderful. Each member of the team has been very helpful. Thank you for your attention and follow through on our transaction. Will keep you in mind for any future business.
- Gloria M.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016