That is amazing!!! and super fast! Thanks for your expert opinion on price so we could get this done so quickly. You have been so wonderful!!
- Brad and Amy R.
DVC Resale Market Client
Lastly, I will say, as feedback for you, I had reached out to a few other DVC resale companies regarding listings they had as well just to compare — and you are by far the friendliest and most customer service oriented. I will definitely be buying from you when I purchase. The customer service shows and you seem to care about the right fit for your clients, which is awesome. I’ve grown up in regular real estate and property rentals of my own in a resort town, as well as smaller customer service oriented jobs in my youth, and how you interact with people goes a long way. You do a great job. I just wanted to give you some feedback on your professionalism and great customer service skills as they are excellent.
- Rachel D.
DVC Resale Market Client
Queremos agradecer su ayuda durante el proceso de venta de nuestro DVC. Antes que nada agradecemos al Señor que lo puso a usted en nuestro camino para poder facilitarnos todo el proceso. Nunca imaginamos que el proceso fuera tan rápido. Agradezco a todo el personal que se comunicó con nosotros para ayudarnos también. Pueden estar seguros que si alguien necesita de sus servicios nosotros los recomendaremos sin duda alguna. English Translation: We thank you for your support during the process of selling our DVC. First of all thank the Lord to put you on our way to give us the whole process. We never imagined that the process was so fast. I thank all the staff who contacted us for help too. You can be sure that if someone needs your services we recommend without any doubt.
- Riquelme Family
DVC Resale Market Client
Awesome. Many thanks to you and Nick for helping us through the process. We will definitely be giving positive feedback with our experience and give a recommendation to those in the market. Thanks again.
- David P.
DVC Resale Market Client
Dear Kristina and the DVC Resale crew, Thank you very much for your help in facilitating the sale of our DVC ownership. We were very pleased with the ease in the transactions and the overall professionalism exhibited. Although we were actually sad to sell, it was the best decision to make given our personal circumstances. If we are able to buy again in the future, we will be in contact. We will do all we can to recommend your firm to others we know. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.
- Laurel and Alan
DVC Resale Market Client
Many thanks to yourself and the rest of the team at DVC Resale Market. You are all extremely helpful and friendly which has made this selling process so much easier when trying to sell property in America from the UK.
- Michelle O.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2015
We wanted to thank you again for assisting us in the sale of our DVC property. :) We sold in a little over two weeks and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! All your work as well as the DVC Resale Market was greatly appreciated! We will be back as buyers soon and we know right who to come to!
- Dawn M.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2015
Thanks, Jodi. I will be in contact with you most likely to purchase another contract with more points at a different resort in the future. You were very easy to work with, answered all of my questions, kept me informed of the progress, and had a very nice disposition. Thank you for your help.
- Tod J.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2015
You are wonderful Jodi. Thank you so much. We are very pleased… a lovely Christmas present.
- Michele F.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2015
Thank you Jodi!! You and your company made the process stress free. We are very excited about our purchase and can’t wait to book our first trip.
- Anthony J.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016