How do you determine the value of Disney Vacation Club?

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Simple, take the purchase price of the DVC points and divide by the number of years you will receive the points to calculate a per individual point price. Then add the cost of the Annual Dues per point to determine the total cost of buying and maintaining a Vacation Club point.

Let’s use Animal Kingdom Villas as an example. Currently typical resale value per point is averaging $84 and 2014 dues are $5.97 per point. Deed runs until 2057 or 42 years left to receive points.

So the math looks like this:

  • $84 average price per resale point.
  • Divided by 42 years
  • Equals $2 per point purchase price
  • Plus the dues $5.97 per point
  • Equals $7.97 cost to purchase and maintain

For a summer Disney visit a Savanna View studio at the Animal Kingdom villas requires 19 points to stay on a week night in July.

Take the cost of $7.97 per point x 19 points and the theoretical cost for a DVC Member per night is $151.43. (Of course the Member pays nothing to stay this number represents the purchase and dues costs broken down to a per point level and multiplied by the number of points needed to stay.)

For the Renter (pay as you go) the cost to stay from the Disney 2014 published rate card for Animal

Kingdom in the same Savanna View Room in July is $499 plus tax. Orange County Florida room tax is

12.5%. A single week night will cost a renter $561.37 per night with tax included.

In this example, the DVC Member is saving over $400 PER NIGHT. Makes sense, real value.

Please refer to the video below for an illustrated example:

Learn more about buying and selling DVC.


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