Introducing a Founding DVC Member…

Sue Saunders, Agent with DVC Resale Market

Sue Saunders is the newest agent to join the DVC Resale Market team, and she brings a wealth of Disney Vacation Club knowledge and experience.  Sue and her husband Jim were the 158th member family to join Disney Vacation Club in 1991.  At the time Sue and Jim were living in Connecticut where Sue enjoyed a 30 year career in the health care industry.  Eventually, the opportunity to start a Disney career was too appealing to pass up, and in 2001, she started her Disney career in Organizational Development.  In that role Sue was awarded Disney’s most prestigious company wide award at the time, “Partners in Excellence”.  In 2006, Disney Vacation Club took note of her life long passion for Disney and offered her the role of Disney Vacation Club Guide.  This was a great opportunity for Sue as she could now “welcome home” new members to the club she was a founding member of herself.

Sue spent 7 years as a Disney Vacation Club Guide.  In that time she sold 15 million dollars in Disney Vacation Club, was selected to mentor new Guides and was the recipient of the “Purpose Award” in 2008.  Ultimately, Sue retired from the Disney company in 2015 after a 14 year career.

If you get a chance to speak with Sue it will not take long to recognize her passion for the Disney brand.  In fact, her enthusiasm for Disney began well before Disney Vacation Club was even an idea.  Her first trip to a Disney park was in 1971 to Disneyland for her honeymoon, and prior to that in 1964, Sue had the honor of meeting Walt Disney at the World’s Fair in New York.

When Sue is not assisting DVC Resale Market clients you will likely find her strolling through a Disney Park enjoying the magic.  For more information on Sue please visit her agent information page.


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