Are You Ready for the Disney Vacation Club Polynesian Villas?

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There is a lot excitement coming around the corner in DVC world as the sales release of the Polynesian Villas is rumored to be as early as January for Disney Vacation Club Members. The anticipation for this resort is significant as it represents the final monorail resort for Disney Vacation Club to expand to, and this resort will be one of a kind with water bungalows and over-sized studios. That being said, similar to its monorail predecessors home resort priority will be critical. And if you are familiar with Disney Vacation Club sales history the best time to buy into a resort directly from Disney is when it’s first launched to Disney Vacation Club Members in pre-construction.

For example in late May of 2013, when Grand Floridian was 1st launched it started at a sales price of $145 per point for members but the price quickly went up within 6 weeks and within the 1st year was already at $165 per point. When I was a guide I met with many members who wanted to be one of the first to add-on with Grand Floridian to secure the best deal but were unprepared as many of them needed or wanted to sell one of their current Disney Vacation Club contracts to purchase the Grand Floridian (keeping in mind DVC does not accept trades). Many of those members who listed their contracts right away were still not able to secure the best price or the fixed week they wanted at Grand Floridian because it is typically a 60 day close cycle when reselling a Disney Vacation Club contract.

Disney's Polynesian Bungalows.

Therefore, if you are considering purchasing into the Polynesian Villas and you would like to sell another contract because you either would have too many points (haha) or you need the funds to do so NOW is the time to sell. By listing in October and selling it before mid-November you should be in great shape to have your sale closed by early to mid-January and hello Polynesian!

UPDATED:  Now that the Polynesian has been in the market for a couple of years many contracts have already reached the resale market.  Please click here to view our current Polynesian listings. 




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