Changes in Disney Policy on Sold Out Resorts

Disney Vacation Club will no longer offer discounts on sold out properties effective December 4, 2014 .  Previously, DVC would offer discounts of $5 per point to prospects and $7 per point to members on previously sold out resorts.  Those discounts will no longer be offered for anyone purchasing or wait listing for a sold out property directly through Disney.  This is a new policy change for all sold properties other than Bay Lake Tower and Grand Californian as the sold out discounts no longer applied to those resorts starting in June 2014.

Moreover, if someone goes on a wait list starting after December 4, 2015 or later for a sold out property they will not have a price guarantee.  Previously, if someone wait listed for a sold out property and the points became available within 6 months the price was guaranteed, but that will no longer be the case.

The resorts considered sold out and with their current prices as of December 4, 2014 if purchased direct from Disney Vacation Club are below:


ResortPrice Per Point
Vero Beach$105
Hilton Head$105
Old Key West$130
Saratoga Springs$130
Wilderness Lodge$130
Beach Club$130
Animal Kingdom$150
Grand Californian$165
Bay Lake Tower$165


  • Bruce Teigen
    December 27, 2014

    Looking for approx. 100 points at Boardwalk with expiration of 2042. February use year. Thanks.

  • Kim Woodruff
    December 18, 2014


    My husband and I may be interested in purchasing 50-100 points. We already own at BLT so probably looking for somewhere else. The one place I am not interested in is AKL. We were not fans when we went there. It looks like everything is taken in the point range I am looking at. Am I missing any? Thanks!


    • Nick Cotton
      December 18, 2014

      We currently have a Grand Floridian that is 55 points, GF2007; a Boardwalk that is 100 points, BW1023 and a Vero Beach that is 50 points, VB1014

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