DVC Resale Market Answers: What to do with extra DVC points?

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Many Disney Vacation Club Members may laugh when they see this title as they often find themselves banking, borrowing and even joking about stealing points to go on vacations. But situations do arise when we’re asked, “I’ve got so all these points that are about to expire. What can I do?”. This question comes up a couple of times a week to at the DVC Resale Market, especially when someone is buying a contract loaded with points.  Here are two great options you have when you can’t take a vacation right away.

1. As a Disney Vacation Club Member you can actually stretch points for about 4 years. How does that work? After you bank your points from one year to the next, if you still haven’t used them towards the end of that second year, you can deposit those points into RCI (Disney refers to this as the World Passport Collection) and then have an additional two years to use them to book RCI vacations. The options available to you with RCI are extensive. For example, their collection includes options like the Fitzpatrick Castle in Dublin, Ireland, or the Windjammer on the shores of St. Lucia.

2. If RCI isn’t an option for you, you can rent your points through a trusted rental company like DVC Rental Store. Paul Little and his staff will help you find a renter and make the arrangements. They handle all the details and can get you as much as $11.25 per point. This is a great option to convert your points to cash if you want to cruise at the best prices or vacation in other locations.


Written By:  Nick Cotton




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