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In 2015, DVC Resale Market (DVCRM) launched their first ever mobile application. The original concept was designed as a Listing Notifier App. So, if the listing a buyer wanted was not currently available, they could download the app, and set specific criteria about what they were looking for and get notified within minutes of a contract meeting their listed criteria. Since its launch, it has assisted thousands of buyers in their DVC resale searches.

In 2017, DVCRM launched the 2nd Generation of the mobile application. With this launch, the app not only provided notifications of new listings, but allowed the user to search for existing listings on the site. Additionally, this version added the capability to create multiple searches, and to search for special statuses, such as extended Old Key West contracts, subsidized dues contracts, double point contracts, etc.

Now in 2019, the 3rd Generation app has been launched with the goal of improving its functionality, aesthetics, speed and reliability.

Functionality: Now the results of the app searches and notifications are bucketed into each DVC resort rather than a potentially lengthy list to sort though.

Aesthetics: The app now includes images of each resort for a stronger visual appeal.  Additionally, by segmenting listings by resort, the name of each resort was eliminated from each listing, allowing for a cleaner and simpler look for each contract.

Speed: Results use to come within minutes, now they come within seconds. Typically, a user will be notified of a new listing in under 5 seconds of it being submitted to the site. So, it is likely someone using the app would see a new listing before someone who is actively on the site, unless they are refreshing their screen every few seconds. For this reason especially, we highly recommend using the app when searching for hard-to-find listings.

Reliability: One of the biggest flaws with the predecessors of the Generation 3 app was reliability. Without boring you with too many technical details of the reliability improvements, I will just say our new app team rebuilt the code from the ground up to ensure stronger reliability and a much easier user experience.

To download the DVC Resale Market, Generation 3 App, please click here!

DVC Resale Market App Generation 3 with Listing Search

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