DVC Resorts Ranked by Resale Sales Volume

Disney's Saratoga Springs

Below is a table ranking all 14 current DVC resorts based on their resale volume in 2018 for contracts sold through DVC Resale Market.

It may be little to no surprise that Disney World based DVC properties command the top half of the list.  In fact, the top three resorts represent roughly half of the entire resale volume:  Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom and Bay Lake Tower.  Two of the main reasons for these resorts dominating the resale volume can be attributed to:

  1. Being large resorts that are already “sold out” by the developer, so consequently, there is a lot of inventory that can be sold.
  2. These three resorts typically rank high in the best long term economical resorts to own with Saratoga Springs and Bay Lake Tower commonly ranking 1 and 2 respectively.

It is important to note that direct sales for Copper Creek didn’t begin until 2017, so Copper Creek has yet to mature in the resale market.

Resort Sales Volume 2018 % of Total Volume Rank
Saratoga Springs $11,397,890 21% 1
Animal Kingdom $8,333,707 16% 2
Bay Lake Tower $6,767,332 13% 3
Grand Floridian $4,233,983 8% 4
Polynesian $3,800,178 7% 5
Old Key West $3,695,267 7% 6
Boardwalk $3,405,683 6% 7
Beach Club $2,782,641 5% 8
Aulani $2,479,234 5% 9
Grand Californian $2,264,816 4% 10
Boulder Ridge $1,503,565 3% 11
Vero Beach $1,333,797 3% 12
Hilton Head $903,930 2% 13
Copper Creek $223,032 <1% 14

*Sales volume data is from resale contracts sold by DVC Resale Market in 2018.

The pie chart below shows the percentage of sales volume by DVC Resort location for 2018 (based on DVC Resale Market sales):

Resale Volume by DVC Resort Location January 2019

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  • Drew Smith
    February 13, 2019

    I’d like to see this data with each resort listing the number of contracts sold and the average size of contract. Should be easy math based on what you already have 😉

    • Nick Cotton
      February 13, 2019

      Drew, we did also run the the numbers for contract volume, but we haven’t done the analysis on average size by resort yet. Below is the net number of contracts sold (cancels removed), and the average size will likely come out in a future blog:
      Animal Kingdom 483
      Aulani 132
      Bay Lake Tower 308
      Beach Club 129
      Boardwalk 158
      Boulder Ridge 93
      Copper Creek 11
      Grand Californian 86
      Grand Flordian 180
      Hilton Head 73
      Old Key West 216
      Polynesian 214
      Saratoga Springs 648
      Vero Beach 115

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