Grocery Delivery to Your DVC Villa from Publix

Publix Super Markets

Providing convenience and saving time continues to grow in the service sector. Now, you can get anything from a fresh meal from your favorite restaurant to a random part for your lawn mover delivered the same day to your home. This luxury has expanded to groceries and even groceries on your vacation.

Further, the news gets better as Publix Super Markets, the largest grocery store chain in the South can provide grocery delivery to your DVC Villa. For anyone that lives in Florida or vacations in Florida, Publix is a household name. In fact, that might be an understatement. In Florida, kids learn the word “Publix” shortly after “Mickey”, which is usually learned just after “dada” and “mama”.

When Publix approached DVC Resale Market with an opportunity to partner on providing a way for DVC Members to easily know and be able to order groceries directly to their DVC Villas, we were thrilled. First, we personally believe in Publix. From our families personal experience, Publix represents outstanding service and quality.


Second, we thought Publix grocery delivery is a great option for DVC Members. As DVC Members, part of the reason we love Membership is the bigger rooms with full kitchens or at the very least a kitchenette. Of course, to take advantage of such great kitchens you need groceries.

Lugging groceries from home can be impractical, inconvenient or even impossible depending on where you are coming from. Now, with Publix grocery delivery Members can get quality, competitively priced groceries delivered directly to their villa. In fact, they can usually have the groceries delivered to you in as little as an hour, and deliveries are scheduled with hour-long windows.  While you can schedule the groceries to be delivered prior to arrival, they recommend scheduling the delivery for when you will be there to ensure everything you requested is there, and nothing gets misplaced by the resort.

My wife and I started using this service at home a few months ago, and now we are addicted. With a 4-year-old and 1-year-old, whether you are at home or on vacation, the benefit of grocery delivery is a game changer! It’s super easy. From DVC Resale Market’s website, just go to the Grocery Delivery from Publix page. From there you can click directly to the Publix Delivery page powered by instacart.

And, it gets better! For your 1st order through February 28, 2019, Publix will provide $10 off and free delivery for an order of $35 or more.  To take advantage of this promotion either go to the Publix grocery delivery through DVC Resale Market’s site or use promo code PublixDVC10 at checkout. Note, all DVC Resorts are eligible for Publix grocery delivery except for Aulani and Grand Californian.





  • Fran
    December 23, 2018

    We used Instacart with Costco 2 yrs ago and they delivered to the door at OKW. We were in HH area, don’t know if that made a difference. I use them all the time at home. Be aware prices are usually higher than in store, but worth it. they also offer some perk for 1st time users.

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