How to Avoid Missing a DVC Resale Listing

Whether you are hunting for a small contract with a specific use year at a specific resort or just wanting a chance to buy a double or triple point listing we have 4 options to ensure you don’t miss that opportunity.


Option #1 – Download the DVC Resale Market App
This app allows you to set specific criteria in regards to the point size, price, resort(s) and use year(s) you are looking for. An alert will be sent to your iPhone or Android device within minutes of that contract being listed that meets your set criteria. With the notification in the app you can click on it to go directly to the webpage to see more details and potentially make an offer. You can also swipe left on the notification to text it or e-mail it on iPhone devices. Click on any of the screen shots below to download.

screen shot iPhone App2


Option #2 – Sign Up for the New Listings E-mail

Signing up for this provides you with a daily update of everything listed and reduced in the previous 24 hours, and it goes out once per day.  Unlike the app it does not allow you to set specific criteria, but rather it provides a full list of all new contracts.  The sign up for this daily e-mail is in the footer of our website.  The picture below shows an example of what the e-mail looks like.  You can also click on the listing ID from the e-mail and be directed to that specific listings webpage to see more details and potentially make an offer.

New listing e-mail screenshot


Option #3 – Follow DVC Resale Market on Social Media

All of the DVC Resale Market’s new listings gets published on our Facebook page and from our Twitter account.


Option #4 – Let Us Know What you Want

You can also send us a request via our website on our “Make A DVC Request” webpage.  Once received a team member will e-mail you back letting you know we have placed your request in our database.



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