Introducing the 2nd Generation DVC Resale Market App

DVC Resale Market App

The 2nd Generation DVC Resale Market App has many improvements both functionally and stylistically when compared to its predecessor.  In 2015, DVC Resale Market launched it’s first app. The original concept was designed as a Listing Notifier App.   So, if the listing a buyer wanted was not currently available, they could download the app, and set specific criteria to what they were looking for and get notified within minutes of a contract meeting their preset criteria being listed.  Since its launch, it has assisted hundreds of buyers in their DVC resale searches.  However, we wanted to improve upon the app both visually and functionally and have it assist DVC Resale Market buyers even more.  After several months in the making we are now prepared to introduce the 2nd Generation of the DVC Resale Market App.

Download the 2nd Generation DVC Resale Market App

DVC Resale Market App


The Top 3 Biggest Enhancements:

Search and Get Notified

The original app was designed to only provide notifications on new and reduced listings that occurred from the point a user downloaded it going forward.  The idea was that the buyer had already searched the site, and want they wanted was not available. So, rather than checking the website every 5 minutes they could use the Notifier App to get alerted within minutes of the contract they were looking for being listed.  However, we noticed many of the users were wanting the App to not only notify, but search what was currently on the website.  The new App addresses this as the user can request for all current and future listings or just future listings.DVC Resale Market App

Create Multiple Different Searches

Now, you can set up one search to look for Grand Floridian contracts 100-150 points, and set up an entirely different search for Beach Club contracts 25-50 points.  Previously, only one search would have been allowed forcing the user to put in search criteria in this scenario of both Grand Floridian and Beach Club contracts in the range of 25-150 points to encompass their search.  With multiple search functionality, buyers looking for more than one kind of contract will be able to more accurately pinpoint exactly what they are looking for.

DVC Resale Market App

Search Special Statuses

Buyers can now set up searches for some of those hard to find extended Old West Contracts, subsidized annual dues Aulani contracts and high point availability contracts (i.e., nearly double points, double points and triple points). The last section of criteria in the search form now has an option to “turn on” a search for just contracts meeting one or more of these particular criteria.

DVC Resale Market App


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