Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It? The Survey Results Are In!

Before buying a Disney Vacation Club membership, many wonder if it’s worth it. We’ve surveyed our current DVC members to find out what they think, and asked the question, “what do you like most about Disney Vacation Club?”

The top-selected answer revealed DVC members feel their memberships are totally worth it.

Is a DVC membership worth it?

Yes! In fact, when asking fellow Disney Vacation Club members this question, 60% of DVC members said “cost for value” was what they liked most about their membership—in other words…it’s worth it!

But, let’s dig even deeper into what is included in the “value” of a Disney Vacation Club membership. The second-most selected answer for DVC members was “Having more space to stretch with the family” (36%), and this is a huge advantage when you’re staying onsite at the parks. 

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As you may have discovered upon becoming a Disney Vacation Club member, the room offerings are suites and big enough to accommodate families—you can even bring your friends along. Each DVC resort includes a kitchenette and laundry room, and in most cases, options for one or more bedrooms. Having all that extra space is one of the greatest advantages of a DVC membership.

What are the top reasons to buy a DVC membership?

If you’re wondering what members love most about their DVC memberships, it’s a combination of things. Not only do you get extra space with your resort reservation, but there are more perks that come with a Disney Vacation Club membership that you might not know about.

What do you like most about Disney Vacation Club?

  • 60%: The cost for value (it’s worth it!)
  • 36%: Having more space to stretch with the family
  • 32%: That extra bit of magic you get with Disney Vacation Club
  • 25%: The perks! (exclusive DVC events and access)
  • 25%: Location (we love bringing Disney everywhere we go)
  • 17%: Getting the best available room

“Extra magic” is the third-most cited reason we love our DVC memberships. There’s just something extra special about staying onsite at the parks in a DVC resort or taking Disney everywhere you go—to the theme parks and beyond.

The value of a DVC membership is all about having the best resort accommodations and easy access to parks—and it’s about getting the most out of your Disney vacation. A Disney Vacation Club membership allows you to add some extra magic to your stay.

Why DVC resales are worth it

If you want more magic, then you’ve come to the right place. Having a DVC membership adds to the magic of your Disney vacation, and here’s how. Not only can you bring your friends and family along, you will enjoy an insider’s look at Disney’s guest experience.

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DVC resales main benefits include:

  • Save an average of 15–50% than buying direct from Disney
  • Enjoy the same booking windows as other members
  • Access the “Top of the World” at Bay Lake Tower
  • Pool hop the resorts
  • Access RCI (the world’s largest timeshare exchange)
  • Rent your points out when you’re not using them

One of the best parts about being a Disney Vacation Club member is the opportunity to experience all that Disney Parks and Resorts have to offer. It’s not just the accommodations, but the magic that comes with a DVC resort vacation that keeps you coming back every year.

Ready to become a VIP in the world of Disney? We can help!

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