Is Now The Time to Buy DVC Resale? The Points Guy Says “Yes!”

Over the last few months, you may have heard a few members on our team say that now is the time to buy Disney Vacation Club via the resale market. If you were a bit skeptical about that, we’ve got backup – The Points Guy! In a recent post on their website, writer Summer Hull detailed why she decided to become a Disney Vacation Club Member. After you read her article. come back to this one! We have a couple of great reasons why NOW is the best time to buy to share!

Reason #1 – The ROFR Monster is Still Hibernating

If you’ve started your research into resale, you have no doubt come across many accounts of The ROFR Monster! As the owner of DVC, Disney has the Right of First Refusal (ROFR). This means they can decide to buy back any contract listed on the resale market. if they exercise that right, the buyer is left without the contract they wanted, and they have to restart the buying process.

Since the beginning of 2023, The ROFR Monster has been “in hibernation,” as evidenced in our monthly ROFR Reports. Disney has only bought back four contracts at Copper Creek. Four! Out of 2,243 that have been sold through DVC Resale Market! Knowing Disney’s fiscal year starts in October, we predict that it’s likely this trend will continue into the fall, as DVC won’t want to be reporting a lot of buybacks on their bottom line. If you’re looking to buy a resale contract, now is your best chance to pass through ROFR and get a great deal!

Reason #2 – The Market is Shifting

Over the last few months, the DVC resale space has been a buyers market. Due to a higher amount of inventory in the first half of 2023, buyers have been able to shop around a bit. This has put them in a great spot to negotiate with sellers and get their dream contracts for even better deals. Currently, we are beginning to see the market shift to more of a sellers market, as inventory has decreased just a bit. We expect this trend to continue into the fall. (If you’re a Grand Californian owner, it is almost always a sellers market…wink, wink!).  The good news is for buyers out there despite the inventory decreasing the market still has a very healthy number of listings.  The market has also seen a trend of the price per point increasing over all resorts so if you have been waiting for the bottom of the market this may be your last chance!

Reason #3 – Lots of Inventory

As we talked about in Reason #2, the amount of inventory in 2023 has been much higher than in previous years. In 2020 and 2021, our site often had less than 100 listings available to chose from, and now we regularly have over 400! This gives buyers a wide variety of contracts to choose from – in terms of resort, contract size, and use year. We expect that inventory will decrease as we move into the fall and winter, so buyers should start shopping now to ensure they have the most options.

To ensure you have a bit of wiggle room on the price of that DVC contract you’ve been eyeing, be sure to put in that offer before the market shifts!

Ready to shop for your perfect DVC resale contract? Head to our listings and put in an offer now!


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