Let’s Talk about Boo Bash 2021

A few months ago, Disney revealed that Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party wouldn’t return in 2021.

Since the event didn’t take place in 2020 either, its fate remains in limbo. Is it dead or in hibernation? We don’t know.

What Disney did announce was the debut of a semi-replacement, Disney After Hours Boo Bash.

On Tuesday evening, Magic Kingdom hosted the first of these events. Let’s talk about Boo Bash 2021 and what DVC fans can expect.

The Boo Bash Sweet Treats

Imagine a Halloween party with some modest pandemic concessions, and that’s what you get with Boo Bash.

A massive mob of people arrived on the first night, celebrating the debut of new merchandise, food, and beverages.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Disney instituted one new rule this year. Park visitors can only buy a maximum of two of any Halloween items.

The company aspires to keep more inventory on the shelves rather than watching it go straight to eBay.

As for the food and beverages, I should stress that Disney After Hours Boo Bash comes with “free food.”

For the price of an admission ticket, you receive all you care to enjoy of sodas, popcorn, ice cream treats, and so forth.

However, Disney provides some upsell items in case you want to try something more ambitious.

The star of the event is probably the Maleficent Churros, twin churros frost-painted in the Evil Queen’s horn colors. They’re decadent but pricey at $7.

You may find better value with the Foolish Mortal Funnel Cake (buy it for the name alone!), which provides ice cream, caramel, chocolate cookie, and M&M flavors for $7.99. It’s built to share, too.

Disney also turned heads with its Prince John Sucker, a gross-looking Tart Green Apple Lemonade Slushy.

I’m assured this drink tastes much better than it looks. Plus, you get a Ring Pop with it! At $5.99, I’m not sure it’s worth the extra cash, though.

Visually, the most exciting beverages are the Apple Ginger Dale and Mocha Chocolate Chip. You’ll find both at Golden Oak Outpost for $5.99 each.

Also, yes, you can still carry around a bag to Trick or Treat for candy. It’s free with admission, albeit strange to do in mid-August.

The Boo Bash Characters

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Those of you who have attended Disney Villains After Hours should have a good idea of what Boo Bash is, at least right now.

We’re talking about a Halloween-type event that kinda ignores the calendar. For obvious reasons, Disney still isn’t doing a parade with the event, though.

So, we’re left with Cavalcades, which run regularly throughout the evening. The main one features the thing you desire the most, a Boo to You show.

Here’s what it looks like:

Sure, we all miss the Gravediggers with their shovels, but that Cavalcade’s still pretty great.

Those of you who prefer all that’s good and kind can watch Mickey and the crew sing the Not-So-Scary version of Boo to You:

Effectively, Disney has broken up one parade into several Cavalcades.

As usual, Jack and Sally oversee many of the festivities as the de facto hosts of the event. Here’s their This Is Halloween Cavalcade:

You get the gist here. Disney is keeping the spirit of MNSSHP alive while altering it slightly during the pandemic.

Thankfully, these Cavalcades maintain a schedule. So grab a guide, and you’ll know where and when to catch each one!

Also, many Disney characters still appear across Magic Kingdom, although they’re not doing personal interactions this time.

Instead, the character greetings involve socially distanced Disney icons waving at fans and putting on little performances. You’ll find them at:

  • The Crystal Palace
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Frontierland Balcony
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • Pinocchio Village House

By the way, the Cadaver Dans are back and singing all their gruesome hits! Here’s a snippet:

Overall, I’d describe Boo Bash as 80 percent of an MNSSHP event. It’ll probably get better as we get closer to Halloween, too.

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