New Promotion: Low Down Payment!

There’s no mistaking that the resale market for Disney Vacation Club has been on fire lately! Between the sleepy ROFR (Right of First Refusal) Monster, the increased popularity of Grand Californian, and the new Polynesian tower on the horizon – now is a great time to buy a contract.

If you’ve been following our friends over at Monera Financial, you may have seen their monthly blog highlighting contracts with a low upfront cost. It’s done so well in selling those contracts that we’ve decided to team up for our latest promotion: Low Down Payment!

You might be wondering how this is possible? Now by financing through Monera Financial you are able to roll in the majority costs! In the past, if you were financing, closing costs used to be an additional out of pocket expense. But now with the ability to roll the majority of those costs in, buyers can take advantage of the current market, with the lowest out of pocket costs.

Buyers who finance these contracts through Monera Financial will enjoy low upfront costs – under $2,000! This includes the down payment, closing costs, and loan origination fees. These listings are perfect for first-time buyers looking to dip their toes into Membership, or existing Members with a smaller budget looking to add on.

Ready to find that perfect budget-friendly contract? Head to our listings and scroll over to the “Status” drop-down menu. Under the “Price” status, you’ll see the checkbox for “Low Down Payment.” Select this and all of the contracts eligible for this promotion will appear!

If you have questions, please reach out to our team through our “Chat With Us” feature or by filling out the Contact Form on our website!


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