Possibly the Best Disney Vacation Club Value: Concierge Level Animal Kingdom

DVC Animal Kingdom Lodge

As former Disney Vacation Club Guides we frequently get asked, where do I get the best bang for my DVC Points.  And of course the answer would be at the DVC Resorts, but at which resort would one get the best value? I would say look no further than Concierge Level Animal Kingdom.  In fact, Animal Kingdom is currently the only DVC Resort to have concierge villas.  Included in your points are services and complimentary items you will not be able to get with your DVC points anywhere else.  Some of the exclusive offers include:

  • Continental breakfast
  • Hot samples from Resort restaurants (Boma and Jiko)
  • Evening wine and beer selections
  • Desserts and cordials
  • Lobby Concierge to assist with park information, dining reservations, childcare arrangement, ticket sales, etc.
  • Savanna Tour exclusive to just Concierge Guests

And all the food, drinks and extra services are included in your DVC points!  Moreover, the points are probably not as high as you may think.  For example, a studio in Dream Season Concierge Level Animal Kingdom is 20 points a night compared to a studio same time of year at Grand Floridian is 25 points a night.  Now, there is nothing shabby about the Grand Floridian either, but at the Animal Kingdom Concierge you are still in a premium Disney Resort, but also getting food, drinks, extra services and using 20% fewer points.

Important to note that getting into the concierge level at the Animal Kingdom Villas is not always the easiest, and the reason is two-fold.  They are popular among members who have previously stayed there and there are only 10 villas (5 studios and 5 one-bedrooms or 5 two-bedrooms).  So being able to book in a 7-11 month home resort priority booking window is a huge advantage when trying to get these concierge villas, and for those that want that priority, you will only get it with points owned at the Animal Kingdom Villas.

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  • Andie Mashburn
    January 9, 2019

    Question; when they say food is included is it just the food the specify in the article or is this food like a dining plan??

    • Nick Cotton
      January 9, 2019

      Andie, it is food they bring to that Concierge floor level, definitely not a dining plan.

  • DJ
    June 28, 2017

    Is this available if you buy resale?

    • Nick Cotton
      June 28, 2017

      Yes, the concierge level at Animal Kingdom is available to book if you buy resale.

      • Ryan Nobrega
        October 21, 2019

        Is this still the case? I thought you could no longer use resale points to purchase concierge level rooms

        • Nick Cotton
          October 21, 2019

          Ryan, you can use resale point for DVC concierge level rooms, and the only DVC concierge rooms are at Animal Kingdom.

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