The 5 Biggest Myths about DVC Resale

Our 11 Sales Associates get asked a lot of questions regarding Disney Vacation Club (DVC) and DVC resale. Sometimes those questions are confirming what someone has heard or read about DVC, and the accuracy of what we are asked to substantiate can vary greatly. Some statements are factual and some statements, well, they need a lot of correcting or just a complete expunction.

The DVC Resale Market Team was polled about the most common false truths they are asked about, and as a result, below we ranked the top 5 most common myths about DVC Resale.

5 Biggest Myths about DVC Resale

Myth 1: I Cannot Book my Home Resort at the 11 Month Window

We rated this statement “Completely False”. Whether you purchase resale or direct, you can make a reservation at your Home Resort at the 11-month booking window.

Disney's Beach Club water view and back of the resort

Myth 2: I Can Only Use Points at My Home Resort

We rated this statement “Mostly False”. For those that buy Disney’s Riviera Resort resale and future DVC Resorts, this is true. However, currently, there are 15 DVC Resorts that can be purchased and Riviera is the only resort this applies to. When buying any of the Classic 14 DVC Resorts via resale, you can use those points at any of the Classic 14 DVC Resorts.

Myth 3: I Cannot Use Resort Condominiums International (RCI), also Known as the World Collection

We rated this statement “Completely False”. Whether you purchase resale or direct, as a DVC Member you can travel to over 4,000 villa locations around the world through RCI.

Myth 4: Direct Members receive 1st Choice on Making Reservations

We rated this statement “Completely False”. There is no truth to this statement. Additionally, the logistics of this would be extremely challenging if not almost impossible. While this myth is similar to myth #1, lack of home resort booking window, where it differs is this myth includes the perception that there is almost a secondary inventory resale Members are left with after all direct Members have made their reservations regardless of when the direct Member makes the reservation.

Myth 5: I Cannot Use Magical Express

We rated this statement “Completely False”. Magical Express is available to anyone staying on property at the Walt Disney World Resort whether they are a direct or resale DVC Member or cash paying Guest.

Disney's Magical Express Bus

Not every myth could make the top 5, but there were several honorable mentions:

  • You receive fewer years on the deed when you buy resale: False
  • You don’t receive FastPasses when you buy resale: False
  • You call a different Member Services Team when you buy resale: False
  • You don’t get the best rooms when you buy resale: False
  • If I did a tour at DVC, they will automatically buy back any resale I try to purchase: False
  • If you buy direct, Disney will always buy back your contract at the current price they are selling the resort for: False
  • You cannot get an assigned DVC Sales Guide when you buy resale: False

The Truth Chart

After discussing so many myths, it might be helpful to see a breakdown of what is factual when distinguishing between a resale and direct purchase. Please see The Truth Chart below:

Description  Resale Direct
Likely to Save 20-50% off the Price of Membership yes no
Possible to Purchase a Subsidized Dues Contract* yes no
Possible to Finance the Purchase with No Credit Check yes no
Receive a Member ID Number yes yes
Official Member yes yes
Receive Magical Express yes yes
Receive On Property Transportation yes yes
You Receive All Remaining Years on the Deed yes yes
Can Rent / Transfer Points yes yes
Can Sell Membership yes yes
Can Will Membership to Heirs yes yes
Overnight Parking Fees Covered Through Dues yes yes
Disney on Property Complimentary Transportation yes yes
Resort Package Delivery yes yes
Resort Room Charging Privileges yes yes
Complimentary MagicBands yes yes
Extra Magic Hours yes yes
Eligible for FastPass yes yes
Eligible for Disney Dining Plan yes yes
Able to Bank and Borrow Points yes yes
Access to Member Services yes yes
Ability to Book Home Resort at 11 Month Window yes yes
Online Member Account yes yes
Eligible for Extra Magic Hours yes yes
Eligible for Member Cruises (can only use direct points) no yes
Access to the DVC Member Epcot Lounge** no yes
Ability to Book RCI yes yes
Ability to Book Disney Collection no yes
Ability to Book Disney Cruises for Less via DVCRentalStore yes yes
Ability to Book Adventures By Disney for Less via DVCRentalStore yes yes
Ability to Book Concierge Collection no yes
Receive All Incidental Benefits ** no yes
Ability to Book All 14 Classic DVC Resorts*** yes yes
Ability to Book Future DVC Resorts starting with Riviera no yes

*Subsidized dues contracts are available for Aulani and Vero Beach.  **Eligible for with 125 points purchased direct. *** Disney’s Riviera Resort when purchased resale can only be used to book stays at Riviera.

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  • Ruston
    June 2, 2019

    I have a question. I am a bit confused. I am looking at potentially buying someone’s DVC Resale contract but I see a note that worries me. On the article of new DVC restrictions, if I purchase one of the original 14 properties (not the New Riviera) did I read it correctly that I can no longer use my points for one of those 14 properties (in effect after January 19th, 2019? However on this article it says if I buy one of the resale contracts, I can use for any of the 14 properties. Please help
    me understand this as if I can’t use my points from my resale membership for one of the 14 properties, its not worth it to me to purchase. Thanks so much. Let me know.

    • Nick Cotton
      June 2, 2019

      Ruston – if you purchase any of the original 14 resorts via resale you can use your points at any of the 14 original resorts but not Riviera and whatever comes later. If you purchase Riviera via resale, you can just use your points at Riviera. Hope this helps.

      • Michael
        October 9, 2020

        Then why would anyone want to buy Rivera if your buyer of Rivera resale are that limited? I want to make sure i do understand if i buy Rivera and then want to sell it the new owner can only use it there? And if there dates are not available they can or can not book at lets say beach club if there is available rooms there? Please respond.

        • Nick Cotton
          October 9, 2020

          Michael – You are correct, if you purchase Riviera via resale, the points can only be used at Riviera within the Disney Vacation Club collection. If you purchased Riviera via resale and the dates you want to book Riviera are not available at Riviera that does NOT allow you to book other DVC resorts such as Beach Club.

  • Kyle
    May 9, 2019

    What are FastPasses in the context of this article. Do DVC members get fastpasses?

    • Nick Cotton
      May 10, 2019

      It’s referring to the ability to be able to get FastPasses. From time to time we are asked if I buy resale I’m I still eligible to book FastPasses just like any on property guest and the answer is yes.

      • Kyle
        May 16, 2019

        So I stay at Grand Californian I can reserve and book fastpasses for Disneyland? If so, how far in advance can I do this? Thank you Nick!

        • Nick Cotton
          May 16, 2019

          Kyle, in regards to FastPasses, this blog focuses on myth debunking the idea you cannot get FastPasses if you become a DVC Member via resale. For answers to more detailed questions regarding Disneyland’s FastPass Service, I would recommend reading this recent article by Undercover Tourist:

  • Bob Bruno
    April 23, 2019

    Nick, how do you access Top of the World Lounge without the blue membership card? Do resale owners get a card too?

    • Nick Cotton
      April 23, 2019

      Bob, great question. Last time I was their I asked, and the Cast Member said the most common thing they see are Members coming with a picture (on their phone) of their Membership number from their Member Website.

  • Kat Crow-Marquardt
    April 22, 2019

    Thank you, Nick! This is precisely what I needed (as I just bought resale from you, 100 pts BCV)! I have been trying to understand what I get as a DVC Resale Buyer versus Direct Buyer. This article spells it ALL out! Now I have to learn are all the WDW DVC abbreviations in the FaceBook / Blog/ Articles I am reading 🙂

    • Nick Cotton
      April 22, 2019

      Kat – you were part of my inspiration for writing this piece, I’m glad you came across before I could even e-mail it to you 🙂

  • Drew
    April 22, 2019

    Any guesses as to the value of RIV resales in a year or two? Sub SSR or above?

    • Nick Cotton
      April 22, 2019

      Drew – great question, but really difficult to say, obviously the market will determine this regardless of my guess today. With that being said, my best guess would be sub SSR, but north of Vero Beach and Hilton Head. To speculate today you would have to take something like Copper Creek and think, if I could only stay at Copper Creek, what am I willing to pay? Copper Creek currently resales around $150/pt. and to think this could drive down the price $40-$60/pt. is not out of the question.

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