The New Contemporary Has Arrived

Resort TV and Disney’s Contemporary Resort just updated their respective looks. Here’s what you’ll see during your next visit.

A Small Change and a Big One

Resort TV made some unpopular changes during the pandemic. Most notably, longtime hostess Stacey lost her gig after many years of service.

However, Disney just added an update that will enhance your enjoyment for the next 18 months.

Resort TV added a splash of color to the main display. Yes, the side frames now utilize EARidescent colors for more pizazz! Resort TV just got even more sparkly!

That’s the small change. The bigger one has occurred at the Contemporary.

The lobby renovations have finished after several months of scaffolding and blocked-off areas.

When you explore the first floor, you’ll discover new white sofas with pillows (that probably won’t last long) and updated color schemes.

The lobby now appears much brighter due to the focus on a modern creamy white aesthetic and more potted plants and flowers.

Wall art celebrates the monorail and pays tribute to the classic Contemporary logos of old.

The designs work as homage to the artwork of Mary Blair as well. That’s a perfect choice given the significance of her mural on the Contemporary’s Grand Canyon Concourse.

Disney has also sectioned off the cast member desks at the check-in area, turning them into two-person stations.

When I spent time at the Contemporary earlier this year, I couldn’t help but notice that the lobby had grown a bit dank in tone.

These renovations fundamentally change the vibe of the place. It’s so much brighter.

Also, Disney has removed the scrims from the front of Steakhouse 71.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Unfortunately, the restaurant won’t open for another few days, but you can already examine the adjoining artwork.

The framed pictures here come from the earliest days of Walt Disney World. You’re gonna love them.

Pay attention to the 71 in the Steakhouse 71 logo, too! It looks like the Contemporary!

International Travel News

Here’s a vital update for our international DVC members. Starting in November, the United States will modify its current COVID-19 travel guidelines.

Currently, non-American citizens face a plethora of restrictions, some of which feel vaguely contradictory.

The nature of the American government’s split of laws between federal, state, and local laws has created some unfortunate headaches.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

On November 1st, travel to the United States will become much more straightforward. On that date, vaccinated tourists can fly into the country.

You must also take and pass a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of your arrival date.

So, all you need is proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test to travel to Walt Disney World in November.

Please note that the rules are much tighter for unvaccinated people. If that applies to you, carefully study the updated guidelines to learn what you must do.

Also, the 14-day quarantining restriction will go away on November 1st. This update applies to travelers from the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Iran
  • Republic of Ireland
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom

Everyone in the European Union may take advantage of the lessened restrictions as well.

Speaking of COVID tests, I previously mentioned that Disney Cruise Line now requires proof of a negative test before boarding.

Disney has clarified that it will only accept rapid PCR tests, NAAT tests, or lab-based PCR tests.

You can take one of these tests for about $100 at Orlando International Airport (MCO) or the Radisson Resort in Cape Canaveral.

This option works well if you’re taking a Disney cruise, especially if you’re doing a split stay with a stop at Walt Disney World first.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

The Orlando Sentinel also published a speculative article about what the return of international travelers means to Orlando if you’re interested.

Finally, just because it’ll make you happy, please know that Pfizer AND Moderna’s CEOs believe that life will return to normal within the year.

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