The Summer of 2015 Brings New Talent to DVC Resale Market

Kristina Nugent, Agent with DVC Resale Market

Kristina Calton (KC) and Scott Kauffman are both the newest additions to the DVC Resale Market Team. KC brings 16 years of direct Disney experience including member administration and quality assurance management. KC was widely regarded as one of the top Quality Assurance Managers during her time at Disney Vacation Club. Now, KC brings her experience and expertise to the world of DVC Resale as the Contract Manager for DVC Resale Market. If you are buying or selling a contract through DVC Resale Market you are almost sure to be in contact with KC. For more information about KC please check out her agent profile.

Scott Kauffman brings over 5 years of direct Disney Vacation Club experience to the DVC Resale Market’s team as their newest sales agent. Scott has always been known for his excellent customer service skills and was a pioneer for Disney Vacation Club’s first dedicated Cruise Team.

Scott is also bilingual so for those that speak Mandarin Chinese, Scott will be your agent. For more information about Scott please check out his agent profile.


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