A Quick Guide to Disney Genie

At the 2019 D23 Expo, future Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced Disney Genie.

Back then, the Parks Blog referred to it as: “Disney Genie is being designed to help you make the most out of your visit, whether you’re a first-time guest or a seasoned pro.”

This week, Disney confirmed that Disney Genie will debut this Fall. As a result, we learned quite a bit about it, some of which got lost in the shuffle of the paid FastPass discussion.

So, let’s talk about Disney Genie and how it will impact your future trips.

“Why Don’t You Just Ruminate While I Illuminate the Possibilities”

Yes, that’s a quote from the movie Aladdin. Specifically, it’s one that Genie said, which is the point.

Disney wants to brand its new virtual assistant, just as Apple did with Siri and Amazon did with Alexa.

Few Disney characters are as beloved as the Genie. Better yet, Genie already comes with an identity. He grants wishes!

So, Disney Genie will play into that premise as a free virtual assistant that improves your park visits.

To wit, Genie can do things that you’ve always wanted. For example, the new app will display the expected wait times for various attractions.

Let’s say that you’re in the park at 10 a.m. and debating the best time to ride Space Mountain.

Disney Genie will do more than show the current wait time. It’ll display how that wait time compares to park averages.

Plus, you can pull up a graph that displays peaks and valleys. You’ll use this information to decide whether to visit now or wait a few hours.

By having this information for all attractions, you’ll enjoy a more efficient park visit each and every time.

“Let’s Make Some Magic”

As a Disney Vacation Club member, you will loooove a specific Disney Genie feature.

The app will learn your behavioral trends over time. In fact, I cannot dismiss the possibility that it’ll already know a lot about you from the start.

Let’s say that your favorite attraction is Toy Story Mania!, and you like to eat at Woody’s Lunch Box while you’re in Toy Story Land.

Disney Genie will suggest an itinerary that allows you to arrive at the attraction or restaurant in the most convenient manner.

You can train the Genie over time to avoid unnecessary walking or ensures that you pass the most shopping locations. It’s designed to become your Genie in a bottle smartphone!

The drawback here is that Genie will level the playing field somewhat between frequent park guests like us and first timers.

The virtual assistant will come with the pearls of wisdom that we’ve spent countless hours acquiring. That’s a minor nitpick, though.

If Disney Genie keeps more guests from standing in the middle of the street, looking confused and overwhelmed, that’s a win for everybody!

Disney released this promotional video that includes a few key highlights:

You’ll note that you can check a series of boxes to choose the type of park visit you desire. Then, Genie will spin these plans into a great itinerary.

Unlike others you may have used, this plan is organic and flexible. You can adjust it if you decide you’re not in the mood for a thrill ride or early lunch.

The system will adapt and offer a modified itinerary that still checks off all the other items on your list.

“But Oh, to Be Free”

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Here’s the headline you’ve heard the most. Disney Genie+ isn’t free. And that’s absolutely true, as I’ll discuss in a companion piece.

However, please don’t get confused on this point. Disney Genie IS free.

Think of this virtual assistant as Disney taking the best parts of MyMagic+ and MyDisneyExperience and then adding several more years of technological advances.

You’ll enjoy much more fulfilling park visits while spending less time standing in line queues. And you won’t pay a dime for the service!

So, when you think about Disney Genie, you should feel nothing but warm fuzzies. As for Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane, well, you can ready your torches and pitchforks for our next talk.

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