Did Disney Steal the Tenaya Stone?

Expedition Everest has returned, and an international theme park will reopen soon!

However, we’re losing a mini-golf park for a while, and a DVC resort may be in possession of stolen goods from Yosemite National Park.

One of today’s updates is weird, my friends.

Did Disney Commit a Crime?

Let’s start with a strange story that comes from a Fodors hit piece on Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

If you do any sort of content creation, an editor will eventually pitch you something negative about a famous location. So, that’s what happened here.

The article’s headline includes the phrase, “What were they thinking?” So, you can tell it’s not a fair take but rather clickbait, which is fine. Some people love clickbait.

Still, the story almost incidentally drops one shocking accusation. The centerpiece of the Tenaya Stone Spa, the Tenaya Stone, is stolen.

The argument stems from this: “If this stone was taken from Lake Tenaya, that’s a federal crime, as Lake Tenaya is well within the borders of Yosemite National Park.”

A different reporter notes:

“According to Disney’s Native American Cultural Advisor and Imagineer Dawn Jackson, the rock was gifted to the park by the elders of the Ahwahnechee-Miwok tribe, who are direct descendants legendary Chief Tenaya.”

In fact, Disney officials took strong offense to the accusations. The company believes it has done nothing wrong here in adding an authentic touch to its spa.

Still, if you hear about a stolen item at the Grand Californian, it’s the Tenaya Stone itself. So yes, that’s pretty weird.

A Second Moon Knight and Other Park Updates

Here’s an update that won’t make a lick of sense unless you’ve watched Moon Knight on Disney+.

I previously mentioned that Moon Knight is appearing at Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure. Here’s a video of it:

Well, Mr. Knight has joined Moon Knight and is now holding court at Avengers Campus.

I can’t possibly help you understand why there are two of them unless you’ve watched the series.

Suffice to say the rationale involves dissociative personality disorder and an avatar of the Egyptian God of the Moon.

You don’t need to know the details, just that Mr. Knight is super-stylish and fashion-forward, as far as superheroes go. Here he is:

Those glow eyes are spectacular!

Also at Disneyland Resort, Disney has confirmed that World of Color will add a virtual queue when it returns on April 22nd.

So, that’s no Disney Genie+ for character greetings and a unique virtual queue for World Color. By the way, here’s a promotional video:

In Walt Disney World news, Expedition Everest has reopened after its extended refurbishment. As expected, it’s part of Disney Genie+ rather than Lightning Lane now.

In other theme park news, the world is making a little more sense again, as Hong Kong Disneyland will reopen on April 21st.

You may recall that it closed on January 7th for what was expected to be two weeks. Instead, it wound up as nearly 15 weeks.

Still, we have a Disney theme park in China open again! Once Shanghai Disneyland returns, all Disney parks in the world will be operational once more.

Finally, Fantasia Gardens will close for refurbishments on May 9th. Disney only expects the updates to take two weeks, though. So, it’s a modest update.

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