Disney Announces Disneyland After Dark 2024 Details

While all Disney after-hours events are great, a few matter more to Disney fans. One of the perennial favorites is Disneyland After Dark. We love that park officials are willing to mess around with the formula each year.

Disney announced next year’s schedule and some dining package details, and you’re about to grin from ear to ear. Here are the details of Disneyland After Dark 2024.

Here Are Two of This Year’s Themes

As a reminder, Disneyland After Dark shares only surface similarities to Magic Kingdom’s Disney After Hours. The essential difference between the two after-hours events is that Disneyland’s version includes specific theming. 

In 2023, The Happiest Place on Earth garnered headlines for one of its Disneyland After Dark events, which even California Governor Gavin Newsom attended. For this year, Disneyland has listed four different sets of themed after-hours events. 

One of them is Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite, the event Newsom attended in 2023. Disney will host this event on two nights, June 18th and June 20th. Based on the current schedule, those are actually the final two Disneyland After Dark parties of 2024.

Before that, fans can use The Force at the ever-popular Disneyland After Dark Star Wars Nite. We don’t have a May the 4th party this year, but that’s presumably because Disney wants to welcome all interested guests to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on that date.

However, you can attend Star Wars Nite on several other dates. The current schedule lists April 16th, April 18th, April 23rd, April 25th, April 30th, May 2nd, May 7th, and May 9th. So, you’ll discover plenty of opportunities to celebrate your love of all things Star Wars. 

Here Are the Other Two Themes

Speaking of love, Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts’ Nite will return in 2024. It’s the first after-hours event on the annual calendar. We’ll talk about it a bit more in a second because we have more information on this one.

The 2024 Sweethearts’ Nite dates are January 23rd, January 25th, January 30th, February 1st, 6th, 8th, 12th, and 14th. You’re not a rookie so I don’t need to tell you which of those dates will sell out first.  A Valentine’s Day date at Disneyland After Dark is as romantic an idea as you’ll find, though.

This year’s other event is the headliner, though. For the first time ever, Disney will host Disneyland After Dark: Disney Channel Nite. I shouldn’t need to tell you that this event will prove wildly popular.  

Disney has already confirmed the following activities for Disney Channel Nite:

  • Camp Rock Karaoke
  • A High School Musical Pep Rally
  • A Phineas and Ferb Dance Party
  • Photo Ops (see below)
  • Sailing Ship Columbia Cruise with Descendants Music
  • Ultimate Disney Channel Trivia at the Golden Horseshoe

The photo ops bear special mention because Disney has promised characters from a diverse set of programs like Lizzie McGuire, The Cheetah Girls, and Teen Beach Movie. Disney can draw inspiration from 40 years of programming. So, these events can entertain Disney fans of any generation.

Disney will host this event on March 5th and March 7th. Tickets for this event are already on sale at a price of $139 per guest. Since Sweethearts’ Nite has already sold out every date (!), you should act quickly.

Disneyland After Dark Reveals Dining Packages

Since we’re less than four weeks away from the first Sweethearts’ Nite, Disney has released new details about the event. Specifically, we just learned about the dining packages.

Four different Disneyland restaurants will offer romantic dinners for guests at the event. Your dining options are Café Orleans, Carnation Café, Plaza Inn, and River Belle Terrace. 

At the Plaza Inn, guests will pay $45 per adult and/or $28 per child for a prix fixe meal. This isn’t just any Disney dinner, though. It’s a reenactment of the dinner in The Lady and the Tramp. You and your date will share a spaghetti meal, and if one of you doesn’t nuzzle a meatball across the table to the other, romance is officially dead. As an FYI, Disney offers a plant-based meal if that’s your preference instead. 

The Café Orleans meal is also prix fixe. It costs $50 per adult, while kids can choose from the a la carte menu. Should you dine here, you’ll eat a three-course meal highlighted by Short Rib Cannelloni or Chicken & Pork Campanelle.

The other two dining options are a la carte for adults and children alike. You should glance at the River Belle Terrace menu, which features something unfamiliar to me, “Corn Ribs.” This offering exemplifies the unique menu items you’ll find at all the Disneyland After Dark events.

Disney hasn’t announced sales dates for the other two versions of the after-hours party. So, your only choice right now is Disney Channel Nite, which sounds like the best one for 2024 anyway. If you have your heart set on Sweethearts’ Nite, please keep an eye on the ticket page. Disney does have cancellations, although it’s less likely for events as popular as this one.

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