Disney Announces Opening Date for New DVC Lounge

Disneyland DVC Lounge

For the first time ever, Disneyland Park will host an exclusive DVC Lounge for qualifying members. Disney has just revealed the opening date for this marvelous amenity, and it’s less than three weeks from today! Here’s what you need to know.

Star View Station Is Coming to Tomorrowland

We just learned that the opening date for the so-called Star View Station is April 19th. What do you need to know about this DVC Lounge? 

Well, DVC members who qualify for Membership Magic extras can enter this DVC Lounge, just as we can the one at the Imagination! pavilion at EPCOT. However, Disney has added much more to Star View Station than DVC members are used to seeing at the other DVC Lounge. And the location hints at what you should expect.

You’ll find the DVC Lounge on the second floor of Star Wars: Launch Bay. Imagine a giant open space filled with comfortable lounge seating and some science fiction murals. That’s the gist of what you’ll find here.

The official name for this relaxing getaway in the heart of Disneyland Park is Disney Vacation Club Star View Station – a Member Lounge. And Disney has promised all sorts of touches that will warm the hearts of its fans.

For example, during the early days of Disneyland, Tomorrowland cast members would wear absolutely ridiculous-looking astronaut costumes. We’re talking about the ones you’d watch in bad sci-fi films of the era. The new lounge will proudly display one of these K7 Space Suits!

Even better, Disney will break out one of its coolest props. The Space Station S-1 Model used in the old Disneyland television series will be on display here. The member lounge will include several pieces of memorabilia in this vein.

What to Expect at Star View Station

Disney drew inspiration from its own “optimistic vision for the future” in theming the Star View Station. More importantly, park officials traced back to Disney’s roots in designing this space.

You’ll find wall-sized murals from Disney icons like John Hench, Mary Blair, and Herbert Ryman. For example, a section of the wall includes an image of a 1950s-style rocket flying toward Star View Station. I would describe the effect as Space 220 with murals used rather than immersive digital displays. 

The Star View Station space is more open and rectangular than the circular style at EPCOT’s DVC Lounge. However, the EPCOT pavilion cannot compete with the significance of this space.

When you visit the Disneyland Park DVC Lounge, you’re hanging out in what used to be Carousel of Progress! Disney re-themed the area to America Sings, the failed attraction whose Audio-Animatronics later became the characters in Splash Mountain. This is a VERY important location in Disneyland Park’s history!

The Amenities at Star View Station 

You can also expect many of the various amenities you’ve come to love at the Imagination! version of the DVC Lounge. Disney has promised constant access to “a dedicated Disney Vacation Club Member Services team.” In my experience, these are among the best Disney cast members and people who can really help during a hectic park visit.

Also, the Star View Station lounge will offer complimentary soft drinks, probably from a Coke Freestyle machine. It’ll also offer free Wi-Fi and device-charging stations. The latter can be a life-saver when you’re spending all day at the park. We all know that My Disney Experience is a resource hog that drains a smartphone charge quickly!

New DVC Lounge Disneyland

Please understand that you will need valid theme park admission and a Disneyland Park Pass for the date of your visit. As long as you have both and access to Membership Magic benefits, you’ll treasure the new Star View Station amenity. 

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