Disney Cruise Lines Reveals the Destiny

The Disney Treasure won’t set sail on its maiden voyage until December 21st, 2024, but Disney Cruise Line is already talking about what comes next. Here’s what we just learned about the Destiny, the next mighty luxury vessel in Disney’s fleet. 

DCL Finishes a Nine-Year Odyssey 

In 2016, Disney Cruise Line (DCL) announced plans to construct its two largest cruise ships ever. At the 2017 D23 Expo, DCL confirmed a third cruise ship would join that class as Disney bet big on the cruise industry.

Internal paperwork referred to these cruise ships as the Triton class, signifying how massive and luxurious these vessels would be. At the time, the plans called for the first one to launch in 2021. 

Alas, the pandemic delayed the construction of the first cruise ship, the Disney Wish. Thankfully, that luxury ship proved more than worth the wait, dazzling guests with its high-class amenities and new offerings. 

For example, the Wish hosts Disney’s first-ever theme park attraction at sea, the AquaMouse. But the Disney Wish is just the beginning.

Later this year, the second commissioned vessel from that order, the Disney Treasure, will finally embark on its first sailing. DCL has indicated that the Treasure will book 1,250 staterooms capable of hosting 4,000 guests. So, it’s the same as the Disney Wish. 

However, the Treasure has upped the ante by offering a few exclusive amenities. Arguably, the highlight of them is the Haunted Mansion Parlor, a bar themed to the beloved attraction. 

In fact, that’s the conceit of the Treasure. Most of its best amenities hearken back to Disney theme parks in some way. Two other bars will connect to Jungle Cruise and the former 20,000 Leagues under the Sea version of Submarine Voyage. 

Disney Cruise Line Reveals the Disney Destiny

Next year, DCL will apply those same themed concepts to the final new ship in this order. Today, Disney revealed that the new ship’s name is the Destiny. Spiritually, it sounds similar to the Disney Treasure in that it’ll be a heavily themed experience. 

Specifically, the Disney Destiny will focus on heroes and villains. The Parks Blog posted this video an hour after the announcement of the ship’s name.

I hope you watched that clip in its entirety because it’s adorable. It’s a quick animated story wherein Minnie Mouse searches for the Disney Destiny’s ship coin. 

Disney has hinted at the experiences we’ll find onboard the Destiny. Cruella, Hercules, Scar, and Hades all appear, with Hades portraying the main villain. Minnie also walks by some cabins with pictures of Young Simba, Edna Mode, and the Black Panther. 

The Parks Blog confirms experiences based on The Lion King, Hercules, and One Hundred and One Dalmatians. It promises heroes and villains-based “spaces, experiences and entertainment throughout their voyage.”

In short, the Disney Destiny feels like a combination of the oft-requested Disney Villains theme park and an expansion of Marvel Day at Sea, albeit with characters from all Disney stories, not just ones from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Disney’s Statement on the Destiny 

Disney has confirmed that the Destiny will launch in 2025. In a press release, Sharon Siskie, Senior Vice-President and General Manager for Disney Cruise Line, discussed the new vessel. 

“The Disney Destiny will celebrate our most legendary Disney stories and characters, bringing them to life in new and exciting ways exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests. As we continue to expand our fleet, the Disney Destiny will further strengthen our position as a leader in family cruising as we offer even more ways for families to experience Disney magic and world-class service at sea.”

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Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about the Disney Destiny and the Disney Treasure as well!


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