Disney Genie Suffers a Brutal Launch

Disney Genie suffered a rough Disneyland launch through no fault of Disney’s own. Also, the parks revealed several return engagements for 2022. Let’s talk through all these new updates.

Blame Amazon

The Happiest Place on Earth has remained a hotbed of activity for the past several weeks.

Over the past few days, Disneyland confirmed some 2022 plans and introduced Disney Genie.

Unfortunately, the Disney Genie launch was mostly a bust. I’ve previously joked about how that’s become standard for all Disney technology implementations.

This one wasn’t Disney’s fault, though. On the day before Disney Genie debuted at Disneyland, Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered massive outages.

Some “network devices got overloaded,” taking down any number of tech sites along with them.

Disney+, Advanced Dining Reservations, MagicBands, and other Disney systems rely on AWS to work correctly. And yes, you guessed it.

Disney Genie utilizes AWS as well. Unfortunately, this one goes down in Disney’s Bad Timing Hall of Fame. AWS crashed about 16 hours before Disney Genie’s introduction.

Cast members spent the body of the day desperately attempting to satisfy customers who were understandably aggravated. It was terrible.

Guests who had paid for Lightning Lane couldn’t use the Disneyland app to prove they had reservations.

For a day, everything rolled back to the email era. That was the form of proof cast members requested: email confirmation. What year is this?

Anyway, the system was working smoothly by day two and appears to be in good shape now.

By the way, Disneyland has followed Walt Disney World’s lead in adding Disability Access Service (DAS) to the main app.

You can start booking DAS Advance for stays on December 20th and beyond.

The new system allows guests to schedule up to 30 days in advance, but you must do so at least 48 hours before a visit.

Other Disneyland Updates

Meanwhile, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin has already added some of its new Jessica Rabbit elements, including a statue of her:

The character is sporting her new trench coat look at two spots during the ride itself, and the line queue also features some updates.

Disneyland Resort management also just announced several return engagements in 2022.

For starters, the Disneyland Forever nighttime fireworks presentation will come back next spring!

That’s not the only significant nightly news either. Hard ticketed events are on the menu again in 2022.

I’m talking about your favorites like Sweethearts’ Nite, Star Wars Nite, and Villains Nite. And yes, I’m spelling those correctly.

Sweethearts’ Nite arrives first, with events on February 1st, 8th, 10th, and 14th. You can spend Valentine’s Night at a Disneyland after-hours event!

Here’s footage from the 2020 version of the event:

You can buy tickets for these events as of now. Tickets start at $114 per person and max out at $145, which is a bit cheaper than Villains Nite.

Those two Villains Nite dates are March 8th and March 10th, with prices starting at $119 per person.

Then, in May, you’ll have your choice of Star Wars Nite on May 3rd, May 4th, and May 27th. Yes, you can spend May the 4th at an official Star Wars event!

Tickets start at $134 per person for this one, as Star Wars always gets charged some sort of fan tax.

Here are highlights from a previous Star Wars Nite:

I’m bummed that there’s not an 80s Nite on the docket (yet) for 2022, though.

Anyway, we’ll talk more about each event as those “nites” approach. And we still have a couple more comebacks to discuss.

Some Quick Disneyland Updates

Tale of the Lion King will also return next spring, albeit in a new location. You’ll find it at Fantasyland Theatre. It’ll join several previously confirmed attractions.

I’m referencing Fantasmic!, Main Street Electrical Review, and World of Color, all of which Disney has scheduled for the spring.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

We don’t have any exact dates yet, but I would expect March at the earliest, May at the latest.

The earliest confirmed return also takes place at Fantasyland Theatre. It’s Celebrate Gospel!, which will return with a live chorus in February of 2022.

So, plenty of stuff you love is just around the corner at the Happiest Place on Earth!

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