DVC Delivers Excellent News about the Polynesian

Disney's Polynesian Resort

Santa Claus has come early for many Disney Vacation Club members. I have an essential update about a DVC monorail resort, and you’re gonna love it. DVC just delivered the best possible news about the expansion tower coming to Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. 

Disney Will Add the New Inventory to the Current Association

Since the moment DVC announced the expansion tower construction at the Polynesian, members have wondered one thing. Will Disney create a second condominium association, or will it use the existing one at the Polynesian?

During a Q&A session on Thursday, December 7th, DVC explicitly answered the question. Even better, they gave the response that owners wanted to hear.

Yes, the entire expansion tower inventory coming to DVC in late 2024 will utilize the current condominium association at the Polynesian. In other words, you already own at a DVC resort that won’t open for another year. How great is that?!

This conversation occurred during the annual Condo Association meeting that DVC. A DVC executive named Yvonne Chang definitively stated that the program will use the same condominium association rather than creating a new one. 

Until today, members hadn’t been certain because of two recent, diametrically opposed decisions. When Disney’s Wilderness Lodge added a second DVC section, Disney introduced a second condominium association. 

Then, when The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa converted Big Pine Key into a DVC building, Disney took the opposite approach. It added the new inventory into the existing condominium association.

So, members have hoped for the best while bracing for the worst. Today’s announcement qualifies as a huge win for everybody. But there’s one particular group that should be on cloud nine right now…

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This Announcement Should Delight Polynesian Owners

World of DVC’s Paul Krieger and Marissa Vallotton post evaluations of the most economical DVC properties to purchase. They’ve tracked this data for years now, and I find their rankings invaluable. 

Their findings frequently reinforce the notion that the Polynesian is one of the best places to own a DVC contract. Its selling points are simple. It’s a monorail resort with a contract that lasts through 2066. We’ll probably have a community on Mars before the Polynesian contract expires. 

In addition, the Polynesian represents the past and now the future of Walt Disney World. When the tourist mecca opened in 1971, two Disney resorts hosted guests. They were the Polynesian and Disney’s Contemporary Resort. 

Disney officials hosted celebrities and media at the Polynesian because it was the crown jewel at the time. Even though the Polynesian is more than 50 years old, it hasn’t lost any of its charm. In fact, it’ll get that much better when the expansion tower opens in late 2024. 

At that point, the Polynesian will somehow claim the conflicting titles of being Walt Disney World’s oldest hotel AND its newest! 

Let’s Talk about Polynesian Contracts

Obviously, the expansion tower will intensify demand for what is already one of DVC’s most popular properties. On a personal level, I’m never shy in saying that the Polynesian is my favorite. 

So, this news fills me with profound joy. Other current and would-be owners will agree. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by saying that the resale value of Polynesian contracts will soar after this announcement.

Currently, DVC Resale Market shows a contract range of $138-$175 per point. I wouldn’t be surprised if the high end in December 2023 is closer to the low end of pricing soon after the expansion tower opens at the Polynesian. 

The myriad benefits of ownership here will resonate with customers. All things being equal, many Walt Disney World fans want to stay on the monorail. As of late 2024, they can spend a few days at Disney’s shiniest new hotel under an existing Polynesian contract. It’s an incredible value that savvy shoppers will recognize immediately. 

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