DVC Members Can Book Star Wars Hotel Today

Disney Vacation Club members and Disney annual passholders can book rooms at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser today!

We also gained some new intel on the process, including a shocker about DVC Points!

The Window Has Opened

Okay, you need to act fast here, especially if you forgot. Yes, you, as a DVC member or annual passholder, enjoy a brief window to book a room right now.

You’ll have from today through October 9th to reserve your hotel stay. However, please remember that you can only stay from March 1st through May the 4th.

Those are the only open dates at the moment. Disney will likely add more flexible date options when reservations become available to everyone, not just its most loyal customers.

Hotel officials also revealed two new pieces of information about your upcoming “intergalactic cruise.”

The good news involves that Droid you bought at Droid Depot and then stuck in a closet. Okay, that may just be us.

Anyway, Disney hasn’t allowed the use of Droids at the parks since they would aggravate other customers.

This rule won’t apply to Galactic Starcruiser, which embraces the Star Wars universe. It’d be perfectly normal for people to use Droids on the ship, right?

So, the hotel will do more than allow for the presence of Droids. Your cruise ship will host racing competitions!

Yes, we’re talking about a Battle Bots scenario. You should be souping up your Droid Fast & Furious style so that you can become ship champion during your trip!

In related news, Disney finally clarified a lingering question about these vacations.

As part of your itinerary, you WILL leave the “ship” to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge during your second day.

However, Disney won’t include a visit to Oga’s Cantina as part of the experience. You’ll have free time on your schedule, though.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

As such, you can book your own reservation at Oga’s Cantina if so inclined.

Remember that the cost of a meal at Docking Bay 7 comes with the trip, though.

You Can Reserve a Room with DVC Points!

Here’s an important update. Disney dropped a bombshell about how the booking process will work.

Apparently, Galactic Starcruiser WILL allow DVC members to use points for this stay! In fact, Disney will REQUIRE it for at least one guest!

Updates on DVC indicate that if you lack the necessary points to book this way, you won’t be able to complete the transaction.

Remember that you can still reserve a room as an annual passholder or Disney Rewards Visa cardholder, though. For the latter, this may change your booking window.

Phone calls to Member Services suggest that the points exchange will work similarly to the Concierge Collection. So, expect a high DVC Points cost.

I have no explanation for why Disney waited to post the information until the morning of the event, though. The decision seems likely to cause chaos for cast members.

Speaking of which, Disney will use a screening questionnaire to determine whether you qualify to book.

You should have some idea of your available DVC Points for March through May of 2022 before you call, though. It’ll help you plan for contingencies.

On a different note, Disney has since clarified that this deal is only available to card-carrying DVC members.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Those of you without a blue card must reserve using your annual pass or Disney Rewards Visa card instead. Yes, it’s a mess.

Please keep checking our site and social media for relevant updates as we learn more about this fluid situation.

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