DVC Right of First Refusal (ROFR): August ’16 Report

Disney's Old Key West

In the month of August, Disney exercised their right of first refusal (ROFR) on five contracts sold through the DVC Resale Market.  The resorts bought back in August (Bay Lake Tower, Boardwalk, Old Key West and Saratoga Springs) were consistent with what we have been seeing this year.  Year-to-date, Old Key West and Saratoga Springs make up just over 60% of the contracts bought back by Disney that were sold by DVC Resale Market.   For a complete total of YTD buy backs please refer to the graph below.

Year-to-date Disney ROFR report

The contracts bought back this month all had low, attractive pricing.  Where as in some months we have observed Disney buying back contracts at high prices due to high point availability (i.e., lots of banked and current points). While none of the contracts bought back had banked points, the majority did have 2016 points. The only contract bought back that didn’t have any 2016 points was a Boardwalk that sold at $86/pt.  Below is a chart with details on all the contracts bought back in August that were sold through DVC Resale Market.

Disney's Boardwalk Resort

Resort Price Per Point Points on Contract Price Closing Costs Paid by 2016 Annual Dues Paid by Use Year Point Availability
Bay Lake Tower $109 250 $27,250 Buyer Pro-Rated Oct. 121 Points ’16 + 250 Points ’17
Boardwalk $86 150 $12,900 Buyer Seller Apr. 150 Points ’18
Old Key West $71 230 $16,330 Split Buyer Dec. 236 Points ’16 + 230 Points ’17
Old Key West $80 175 $14,000 Buyer Buyer Feb. 175 Points ’16 + 175 Points ’17
Saratoga Springs $82 150 $12,300 Buyer Buyer Oct. 150 Points ’16 + 150 Points ’17



Saratoga Sprngs Pool


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