DVC Updates for July 11, 2021

This week, you’ll want to know about some DVC Resort changes, a D23 membership discount, some mobile ordering alterations, and the end of Must Do Disney.

Disney Confirms Resort Reopening Dates

If you’re looking for a cash room this Fall, Disney just improved your odds, albeit not as much as you might hope.

You’ve probably figured out by now that resort availability is near an all-time low now that the pandemic has subsided. As a result, Disney officials have finally chosen to reopen four more hotels to add more inventory.

Confirmed Reopening Date

Here are the confirmed dates:

  • Disney’s All-Star Music Resort — September 16th
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Resort — Riverside — October 14th
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Resort — French Quarter — October 28th
  • Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort — December 9th

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

I’ll warn you that I tried to book a room at French Quarter this October and discovered virtually no availability. So, if you want a cash room, you should try to book it immediately and remain flexible with your travel dates.

By the way, in the unlikely event that you’re staying at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort this week or anytime soon, please be aware of lobby renovations. Cinema Hall will close on July 12th and remain offline until mid-October.

Disney Resort Restaurant Updates

Let’s start with the news you’ve wanted for the past calendar year.


‘Ohana has reopened!

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Presuming that you can get availability, you can eat this family-style meal again for the first time since March of 2020.

Here’s a video of the new experience from Vlogger Super Enthused.


Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Of course, you already know that The Wave… of American Flavors has closed in its current form, presumably forever.

This has created a vacuum at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, where there weren’t enough breakfast options.

So, starting on July 16th, California Grill will serve what had been The Wave’s breakfast offering, mainly The Wave Feast.

According to the official Disney website, this menu will be available through at least September 8th.

Since that’s the 60-day window, I presume it’ll last even longer. However, that’s just my speculation.

Breakfast on the Go

Elsewhere at the Contemporary, Disney has addressed the breakfast/general food vacuum in another way. Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company has added Mobile Ordering, so you can grab and go on the way out of the resort.

Alternately, you can have coffee waiting for you when you arrive at the hotel. That’s pretty great, right?

The Joffrey’s kiosk at the Disney Skyliner has also added mobile ordering.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Also, Belle Vue Lounge reopens today, which was expected since Disney’s BoardWalk Inn just came back, too.

If you’re staying on the BoardWalk or riding the Skyliner, you’ll have two different ways to get coffee and pastries.

Must Do Disney

Finally, in depressing news for frequent DVC resort guests, Disney has canceled its resort TV program, Must Do Disney. Here’s a final thank you from long-time host Stacey.


DVC Miscellany

Do you currently subscribe to D23, the official Disney Fan Club? If not, you should know about an offer that DVC members just received.

Through the end of July, we get 30 percent off the price of a D23 Gold Membership. And yes, you will receive the 2021 Collector Set with your purchase.


If you’re unfamiliar with these collectibles, trust me that you want them. They’re lithographs and other Disney memorabilia that will delight you.


The Gold package ordinarily costs $99.99, which means you’re paying about $70 plus tax and shipping.


As part of your membership, you’ll gain early access to D23 exhibition purchases, including the one coming to Walt Disney World this fall.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Finally, the DVC program received its latest honorific, as the American Resorts Development Association lauded Disney’s Riviera Resort. 

DVC’s latest property earned the prestigious ACE Project of Excellence Award. If you’ve visited or stayed here, you understand why.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

The Riviera proved itself as the “best of the best” based on the criteria of “design, sustainability, impact on the local community, sales and operations.” But we all already knew it was great, right?

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