How Does the New Lightning Lane Service Impact DVC Members?

Disney shocked many fans when it announced in late June that its Genie+ service would be changed to the Lightning Lane Multi Pass, and Individual Lightning Lanes would become Lightning Lane Single Pass as of July 24, 2024.  Here’s why the changes can be both good and bad for DVC Members.  

You Can Book Selections in Advance

With Lightning Lane passes at Disney World, you can make your choices further in advance and select the times before you purchase your passes, which makes planning your day much easier!  Plus, you don’t have to wake up early enough to make selections at 7am every day of your trip as guests have done with Genie+.

You’ll be able to book your selections as early as 7 days in advance as a Disney resort guest.  This includes guests at the DVC resorts.  Being able to book 7 days in advance gives Disney resort guests a headstart in selecting their rides since off-property guests do not get to book their selections until 3 days in advance.  That’s a big advantage when aiming for popular rides like Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and Slinky Dog Dash.

You Can Make Passes for the Length of Your Stay

Another big difference between Genie+ and Lightning Lane at Disney World is that you can make your selections in advance for the length of your entire stay or up to 14 days.  You don’t have to wake up multiple days to book your passes.  One downside is that split stays, which are common among DVC Members, may mean that you have to book your passes for each segment of your trip separately.  

Changes Are Minimal at Disneyland

If you have a trip coming up for the Grand Californian or the Villas at Disneyland Hotel, Genie+ will also become Lightning Lane Multi Pass, and Individual Lightning Lanes will become Lightning Lane Single Pass at Disneyland as of July 24.  However, these are merely changes in name.  The process for buying, choosing, and using the passes will work the same way as Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes have worked.  

International DVC Members May Need a Workaround

One con of the new Lightning Lane service is that international DVC Members from countries other than Canada won’t be able to make their Lightning Lane selections until they are in the United States.  Some have suggested that you may be able to get around this issue by using a VPN.

Overall, planning in advance for your Disney World trips with the new Lightning Lane service means you can relax more during your actual vacation.  Since many DVC Members are planners, this can be a big plus!

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